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It's hard to just scrape the windshield when it gets this bad.

Well, I got my assembled as far as I can, for now?

Hopefully, @MAKEXTEC gets the correct power adapter to me sometime soon?

Hmm, I think that @MAKEXTEC sent me the wrong sent me the wrong power adapter for the . 😢

Since the weather is so crappy outside, I decided to take a little time and unbox the @MAKEXTEC Migo that I backed on @kickstarter.

I’m hearing sirens and car alarms outside. I am guessing that the freezing rain is causing issues.

I am hearing a lot of rain outside in the yard. I am guessing that the big snow storm just isn't happening.

A lot of the union is closed and I wasn't feeling up to Subway, so I got some pizza from Sala.

I don't see how anybody can have so much hate in their soul that they can support this 80yr old man-child.

I don't want a foot of snow to hit Milwaukee but I guess it was inevitable.

The top target is before I realized that my front sight was loose. The bottom is after I fixed the problem.

This is from last year's trip to the Tower of London

It was crazy rainy, that day and Mom and I got super wet on the way here.

... and there are people who still say that they don't see the signs of Trump's mental instability.

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