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I have a meeting in 2hrs where I genuinely don't know what they want from me ... and I'm not sure if they know either.

It makes sense considering how publicly hostile Trump has been towards them.

"Amazon said in the filing that it wants to depose Trump to learn more about any private conversations or instructions that were given in regard to the JEDI contract award."

I realized yesterday that @JWSTravels stopped tweeting over a week prior. It should be fixed, now.

... and I bet he’ll try to claim that his budget is fake news when questioned about it.

The Indian e-visa application took me a solid hour to finish. They are no joke. At least I didn’t need to find an embassy to go to or something?

I just asked my doctor about getting a measles titer. With all the crazies out there, I really want to make sure that I actually have immunity in my blood. (It can apparently wear off over time.)

I’m knocking off todo list items left and right, today. :)

I stopped at the Bayshore @ColectivoCoffee to get some work done. I wonder what's up with this.

I used to write a lot of Angular (back when I worked for SM) and always said that I would eventually reacquaint myself with it. It feels like being 8 versions behind means that I should poke at it sooner rather than later?

Hey folks, has anybody tried running @lucee_server on @getRender?

From last year's trip to Sagrada Familia

We got the last English-speaking tour of the day because you had to book weeks ahead of time and we didn't know when we would get to Barcelona (we were only there for one night).

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