I keep smelling that sweet, sweet smell of fresh tattoo ink everywhere I go today.

It's calling to me like a siren...

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Reminder: It's OK to lie on the Internet.

It's the most basic form of digital self defence, whether you're interacting with corporations or social media.

Data harvesters may want to know everything about us, but we're under no moral obligation to make it easy for them.

Story time:

On site last week, troubleshooting issue between 24 port switch and a POE AP.

AP is off in the far corner of the garage. Setup the ladder, climb up, and get attacked by a bird for 10m. Nest was right next to the AP.


Polite reminder:

There is no progressive movement in the history of humanity that has achieved its aims solely through polite protest and "listening to both sides." Progress has always happened by being loud, disruptive, fearless and where necessary, yes - destructive.

Coding mode: Initiate.

Vodka + Monster Rehab (lemonade/tea) + Lemonade + high BPM music 👨‍💻

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Case in point:

"The phrase “robots are taking our jobs” gives technology agency it doesn’t (yet?) possess, whereas “capitalists are making targeted investments in robots designed to weaken and replace human workers so they can get even richer” is less catchy but more accurate."

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The amount of clout a programmers union would wield is just fucking incredible. Stop fucking around like just because you get a lopsided paycheque the rest of us won't ever see things are somehow ok. They aren't.

Organize a union.
Help fix this mess.

Who needs lockpicks? 😂

This is a managers office with a dual-plastic window type thing for god knows what reason.

Grabbed a tube of cardboard (broom would have worked just as well) and voila!

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TIL In 1975, the women of Iceland went on strike

Like completely

As in not paid work, house work, child-rearing, or anything else expected of women at the time. Most schools closed. Bank execs ended up working teller positions. Flights got cancelled because flight attendants didn't show up

The country basically shut down for a day


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The Facebook debacle shows the importance of a) using a password manager to maintain unique passwords for each site, and b) not using services such as Facebook for authenticating to other sites/services - sign up with an email address and use a unique password.

Re: Kavanaugh

1. Perjury out the ass alone dis-fucking-qualifies him from the Supreme Court.

2. That "defense" [very likely] wasn't one ever made by an innocent person.

3. Anyone who keeps calendars for 36 years is [highly likely] to be a sociopath.

After doing contract work for JP Morgan, Walmart etc over the past few weeks I can't help but walk into any of their buildings without instantly identifying all of their tech. APs, switches, vuln systems etc..

Shit's not hard, either. Insider knowledge matters very little.

Hello frandz! It's been a while but I'll be updating this account as well.

I took a social media break a while back but twitter is hard to give up.

I am here, though. Also ->


Schrödinger's Ops... production is in a constant superposition of states between "duct-taped together" and "everything's on fire"

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KFC to start taking/storing facial image scans because how could that POSSIBLY go wrong?

"KFC ensures they will be secure" lmao ok, and I'm a Nigerian Prince who just needs to transfer some funds for an upcoming trip.

See enclosed a check for $5,000 USD. Please cash, take $500 for troubles, and wire the rest to my offshore acct.

Thanks mastodon.social/media/wNRoXLnA

F04 update: Riding vertibird, killing deathclaws with GAT-GAT-GAT (minigun) while listening to Johnny Cash's "Ghost Riders in the Sky" is so statisfying. Short Change Hero by the Heavy is great for glowing sea (thunder/lightning matches up).

This gives killing the first Witcher 3 boss (griffin, and many similar ones after) while listening to "puff the magic dragon" a run for it's money.


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'course, half the goddamn problem is that there are five fucking people on the call, and four of them are fucking redundant.

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@abbenm @sten0_SE
Oh, absolutely.

Infosec is hard. Opsec is hard. Blueteaming on either is extra hard because redteaming is so easy. That's pretty widely accepted.

But, because of the stakes involved, it's not unreasonable to dogpile on minor mistakes.

Engineering nuclear power plants is hard, but that doesn't mean we give people a pass when one melts down. The engineers know this and are extra careful.

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