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Meet Dolly Doctor and what she learnt over 23 years about girls and young womens' questions about their bodies and sexuality

I kinda want* this to happen just so we can all pin or favourite msgs and desktop images that say"Hey Dutton, what's the go with the au pairs"

*I in no way want this to happen

When is jetlag insomnia not wasted time? When FB scrolling eventually leads you to a Baby-Sitters Club Snark recap on a BSC sequel series (?!!!!) title you never read. YOU'RE WELCOME, MASTADON


I have one simple question:

What's the go with the au pairs?

More than 1% of the US resident population is currently incarcerated. That’s close to 2½ million people, mostly from poor and working class backgrounds, mostly black and Hispanic men. Many are in private for-profit prisons where they are forced to work without pay. #August21

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The average ‘wage’ paid to prisoners across the US is 20c an hour. In some states, prisoners have to work for free. They get no sick leave, no holiday pay, and working conditions are often dangerously unsafe. #August21

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Slavery never ended in the US. It’s dressed up as ‘correction’ but the US carceral system has no interest in, or motivation for, rehabilitation. On the contrary, recidivism is good for business because it ensures a steady labour supply. #August21

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What Marx couldn't predict with historical Marxism was the importance of Mastodon in the proletariat revolution

FYI you can see follows and followers on locked 🔒 accounts :yikes:


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