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Okay developers, who's working on a FE for Mastodon and wants an extra pair of hands? I've been told I'm not the worst designer.

Anybody have any recommendations for a backpack or messenger bag with compartments to fit a 13” MacBook Pro and a 12.9” iPad Pro? Preferably one small enough it couldn’t fit a 15” MBP.

I want to build a new iOS app, just to play with the new P3 colors.

Looking for a (preferably Jewish) developer who wants to work on a platform to distribute Yiddish music to the masses. There's a little money, hopefully more later.

@ your Jewish nerd friends

"eat your own dogfood" the CEO implored, spooning dogfood into a bowl he has put on your desk. "this is how we make agile software"

Amazon gift card balance is the modern Monkey’s Paw parable.

All of sudden, with Slack down, millions of hours of productivity were gained in San Franciso. If only for a brief moment.

Had a user respond to a survey saying they log into our app once a year... I think I have a User Research call I need to schedule.

O potatus et molassus
Si velis eis quaere a nobis
Lenes et caldi valuti catuli
Plene cum petri dulcibus

There is a lot less slapping to calm crazy ranting in real life than TV lead me to believe.

Spent way too long on SVG animations today. Motion graphics in general have always been a black hole of time for me. TWEEN. TWEEEN HARDER. No too much.

I need a new Album to listen to on this overcast/cold SF day. Any suggestions? I'll listen to just about any genre. Not picky.

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