Flight connexion via Charles de Gaulle, between border control because Fuck La France, shuttles, bad signalisation, I hate it and remember why I always book connexions via Frankfurt or Amsterdam. This is the most stressful trip ever :(

Whoot, I'll be speaking in Bucharest at 2018.techfest.ro/bucharest
about mobile browsers capabilites and UX this Monday then it's holiday time.
Expect silly pictures but no daily and weekly curated links for 2 weeks

Hi I'm preparing a talk on UI Frameworks and User Experience, trying to understand why and how we use UI Frameworks, if you have 5 minutes your feedback will be super useful (and I'll publish the findings after the talk)
(Vous pouvez répondre en Français)

Expect a full 90 slides talk on Mobile Secret Powers and all the cool things you can do with APIs on the web on Monday

Quick mobile question: what native app feature or API would you wish to exist as a web version? (For building web app that will work on mobile)?

Adobe Updates XD with Responsive Resize, Timed Transitions and More - hum I should try to find some time to test it 😂 designmodo.com/adobe-xd-septem

Apps like Pocket and other blogs understood that users want to read the content. So when users start scrolling down to READ the content they hide the sticky header. When user scrolls top, they predict that user might want something else and display the bar again. Nice experience.
Navigation, especially on sites and apps that focus on content reading should be like a good friend: around to help when you need them but don't want them to be around 24/7 ^^

Since most design related articles are now on Medium, my morning rooting is now
Open and article
Close medium native app banner to have space to read
Scroll under the sticky header
Read. Meeeeh

Having a Laugh: Humor and Chatbot User Experience.
Humor usually needs a lot of cultural references so it's a hard craft to master especially on a screen uxplanet.org/having-a-laugh-hu

Silly question about permissions, on Android if the user refuses access to geolocation for instance they can clear the settings from URL bar. What’s the iOS Safari version of “I want to clear the permission and let the site access to geolocation after all”?

Ok I know what to do next time some random dude adds me on Skype or texts me and pretends he knows me 😁 (I might need an assistant though with a beard) boredpanda.com/wrong-number-tr

Of course I get blogs wanted to access notifications on mobile all the time expect When I need a screenshot of one of them. Hahaha 😂

"Hi I saw your profile and have a great opportunity for you: we are looking for a java python ruby senior developer"
It's like they are not even trying to understand the job they are recruiting for... 😂

I don't like finishing a book, especially when it's the last one in a serie. It feels like I have to say goodbye to friends I met during the summer holidays and hope to see them again, one day, maybe, I hope. I hate goodbyes. Goodbyes Candy, James :(

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