How Well Do You Know CSS Layout? A little test for fun. With all the answers explained :)

Separating Content (by using divider lines). Haha I read an article a few weeks that was advocating against divider lines, because, minimalism. In the end, divider, no divider it all comes down to style, as long as you find a way to visually group content.

Meeh the Coeurl tigger monster in FFX are so cute I don't want to kill them :( Cute kittens :(

I think I will mostly refer to’s book and articles and to’s book on responsive process then :)

I try to teach students some process, but can’t find a lot of relevant articles on the topic so I end up sharing my process. Not sure there’s a magic solution, but I was looking for a few guidelines. I didn’t expect such poor content :/

I was looking for “responsive design process” on search engine, many articles are either from 2016 or not giving any clues at all, just basic “look at other sites and make the image responsive” tips. Are we done with responsive process already? :/

Nice video. Next step, remove the pink tax on women products?


“Boys will be boys”? Isn’t it time we stopped excusing bad behavior? Re-think and take action by joining us at


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What is your UX process? - great read.
That part made me smile tough "developers are waiting until your design is finalized and delivered to them.", in most case they just start developing and you hope to catch up with mockups eventually. Or not. 😦

I propose we change the tagline from "reCAPTCHA: Easy on Humans, Hard on Bots" to "reCAPTCHA: Damaging human experience while making it hard on Bots and feeding our image recognition algorithm"

I asked to delete my account on a service because I was tired of having to pass through 12 sessions of Google's crappy reCAPTCHA to log in. The support replied. So... apparently I'm either a robot or too stupid be pick all the cars on the pictures.

The video of my talk "Hello my name is St�phanie" at on encoding, database decisions about formats and characters support influencing the user experience is online (bottom of the article)

Design Better Experiences Together, our design team motto at Arhs is now on the door of our office ☺

Facebook routinely tracks users, non-users, and logged-out users outside its platform.

Here’s a video about what Privacy International found…

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