Hum. I'm trying to rebuild a nice community on mastodon but for the moment it's mostly really techsavy people and open source nerds. Not a super diverse audience, even more "mostly male" than my current Twitter audience :/
Hard to re-build a community.

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@stephaniewalter enough people on here, some suggestions:


I’ve not used Mastodon for really tech specific purposes, so don’t necessarily follow a lot of tech people on here. I follow more artists, writers, and just generally lovely people on here :)

@stephaniewalter one step would be to get off and find a smaller cosier server.

And there's a project called #Trunk on here, which let's you find lists of people, which may help.

But yes, there's a lot of men, it can be mitigated.

There's a really nice POC community in playvicious, and you can find and follow them if you search.

Account migration 


No need to MOVE. Open a secondary acct on another server and browse the local timeline. If you find someone interesting, remote follow them from your main acct - after asking for permission of course.

The first thing I did after opening an account on mastodon was to unfollow the suggestions bot and find interesting folk on my federated timeline. Search by tags on diverse topics (art, for example, is a diversity magnet!), and follow the posters.


@stephaniewalter @maloki

Before I knew it my timeline was filled with gay folk, trans folk, furries, anarchists, 420 die hard fans, and some really weird oddballs for which there isn't even a category yet.

I'm even stunned by your statement that most of the ppl you've found here on Mastodon are mostly computer nerds. Completely opposite experience. Maybe we can exchange contacts? 😉

@stephaniewalter that's how twitter looked in 2007. Give it some time, the masses will come.

@stephaniewalter @jalcine I wonder if in-person meetups could play a role here? Some things are hard to figure out solely over the wire, especially for non-nerds.

@jared @stephaniewalter

solid idea! so the #indieweb does these city-by-city meetups (we just had one yesterday!)

Maybe if one was organized for masto folx? or anyone interested in AP/federated places.

@stephaniewalter It all depends on from what angle you're looking into here.

My experience is that this is about 100x more diverse than twatter.

So have a look on the wider fediverse, the flagship instance may not be a representative sample.

@stephaniewalter @angristan I've been maintaining my following list so that I can reasonably keep up with every toot. I have a pretty low bar for unfollowing, but then I can always follow someone again later. I don't see that the people I'm following right now will be the people I'm following forever, I see it as more dynamic than that.

@noelle probably knows a few. Noelle, any suggestions from your fedi circle?

@rick_777 @stephaniewalter Looks like you've got a bunch of good suggestions. I'm always going to forget people when I make lists like this, but consider @alice, @nev, @WelshPixie, @maruki, @Archbeth and @TheShyIon.

@stephaniewalter You might like reading the instance (no need to move to do that). There’s a lady over there documenting her #bike trip across #Germany, several women creating #fibers from #scratch then using them for #knitting and #weaving, female authors and #book editors discussing a recent #literary #award, lots of #tea enthusiasts, and #cat-#picture-takers. Good luck finding different corners of the #Fediverse to enjoy.

@darkmirror I need to check how to follow an instant while beeing another one ^^ thanks a lot :)

@stephaniewalter most of the people i follow are queer girls with at least a passing interest in technology

if you're mostly seeing guys you're looking in the wrong places imo, although part of that might be the m.s federated timeline being that way

@stephaniewalter Maybe you should try to encourage your followers to use mastodon. Many people don't know about mastodon yet.

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