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Awww just saw that I was person of the week on, thank you soo much 🤗

I realized I don't have enough money to pay my rent, so if you want to help me you can either:
- buy something from my shop
- support me on ko-fi
- boost this toot
Thanks a lot and have some cute foxes 💙
#mastoArt #creativeToots

If there's one thing that cops series told me it's that you should never kill anyone at a wedding, too many pictures.
You're welcome for the free advice.

Hi, this is a small reminder that you can't and don't need to fight all systemic injustices, inequalities and issues on the same day. You are allowed to rest, you can't turn your life into a 24/7 battle field. So don't forget to take car of yourselves <3

Dreamy beautiful experience in the browser, if you like point and clicks and design, this is for you .

This snail progress bar by Andrey Davlikanov brings a lot of joy in my Friday afternoon, I say we keep it, shall we?

So for me, mobile first is not about designing for mobile users first, but mostly about using this as a prism to take the right decisions to make the interface work in as many situations as possible.

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Before deciding to use this or that slider, ask yourself: how might this work on small screen and devices with touch capabilities.
Before deciding to add yet another library/font that will make the page heavier, think about how it will affect mobile users with an crappy bandwidth

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It's more about taking mobile, tablet and different viewport size and device capabilities into account all along the design process.
For instance, before deciding something like "let's display this on hover", think about what will happen for devices without hover capabilities.

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Quick thoughts on "Mobile First" philosophy: for me, it's not about designing the mobile version of the site/webapp first. It's complicated for most designers, also it's complicated for users to projects as well.

How to make Dynamic Text Overlays on Images => a JS + CSS way to change the text color when used on an image to have better contrast for accessibility and readability

Another great read on fixed positions "Position: stuck; — and a Way to Fix It" The shortcomings of position: sticky; when working with overflow.

How To Architect A Complex Web Table - a very detailed article on how to build tables with a focus on modular design, molecules and components and responsive .

Jobs To Be Done: An Occasionally Useful UX Gimmick — on why jobs to be done fail, the lack of research and that tool beeing used as a shortcut to avoid doing user research by

When working with a UI framework, one of the key to build a great interface and experience is to involve UX/UI designer with the developers to chose the right component.
Would you be interested to learn more about working with UI frameworks, in an article or a talk?

"Life without Google (Fonts)" I agree with the core message, but for fonts, if devs provide a fallback in the font stack like they should, the blank screen without text in the article should not be possible, or did I miss something?

Blacks Who Design highlights all of the inspiring Black designers in the industry. The goal is to inspire new designers, encourage people to diversify their feeds, and discover amazing individuals to join your team.

We have Kendo UI.
I propose we build Kondo UI: if the UI component doesn't spark joy, thank it and throw it away.

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