SLP20 - Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream

@excellion CSO of Blockstream (leading provider of blockchain technologies) joins me in this episode to discuss a variety of topics: Bitmain IPO, Blockchain technology hype, Blockstream products (Crypto data feed + Liquid Network), Privacy, Bitcoin Fee Market, Hat sales

SLP19 - The Bitcoin Ecosystem with @vortex

In an episode targeted for bitcoin newbies, we discuss:
- Bitcoin's ecosystem
- The role of bitcoin nodes
- Bitcoin development
- Cryptocast network
- Programming with Bitcoin

@crypt_chameleon @stephanlivera @beautyon plus samourai wallet plus the high adoption rate of mobile devices worldwide enables an instant participation in #hodling/using sound money.

Frictionless. Seamless. Borderless.

No single jurisdiction is able to enforce regulations other nations have to swallow blindly.

Great podcast episode...

Great episode of @stephanlivera podcast with @beautyon !

A needed perspective on remembering to keep a laser focus on Bitcoin's use case.

The more we talk about the Ideology and politics around it, the more adversaries and attack vectors we create.

Bitcoin is code. It is a public database which solved the issue of digital scarcity.
It is a tool that serves its users and no other master.

Legal precedent states code is speech and speech is protected. Let's not forget.

SLP18 – Pioneering Bitcoin/Lightning Payments in Australia, with Daniel Alexiuc (CEO Living Room of Satoshi)

Daniel Alexiuc (CEO of Living Room of Satoshi) joins me in this episode to discuss how he is pioneering Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments in Australia, both on his website LROS, and also as a partner with Travel By Bit.

SLP17 - Bitmain, Bcash, Facebook Crypto rumours, and reframing scarcity with Vijay Boyapati.

Wide ranging, insightful and enjoyable conversation with Vijay here!

SLP16 - Keeping Bitcoin Simple with @beautyon

- Akin's story with BTC
- Azteco
- Keeping Bitcoin simple
- @samouraiwallet and why they're doing it right
- Open source software

Hope you enjoy, and please share

SLP15 – Intellectual Property, Bitcoin, and Internet Censorship, with Stephan Kinsella

- Money as Sui Generis good
- IP
- 'ownership' of BTC
- Internet censorship and online platforms

Hope you enjoy the pod. Please subscribe and share!

SLP13 - Bitcoin as ultimate asset, with Fernando Ulrich

I really enjoyed our discussion:
- monetary crises in Brazil
- 5 part article series
- fallacies of MoE only cryptos
- Menger vs Szabo
- Gresham's law vs Thiers' law


Grab your scuba gear (or at least a big mug of coffee!) because in Episode 25, Adam Gibson (@waxwing ) is taking us on a deep dive into how UTXOs work and using that knowledge for advancing fungibility and privacy in Bitcoin.

@stephanlivera is really upping the Bitcoin podcast game. Prolific, thoughtful & focused. I'm fast abandoning tired YT panel shows. His latest is a dive into contemporary Bitcoin mining economics:

SLP12 - Bitcoin Mining and Energy, with Hass McCook. Hass and I discuss the Bitcoin mining market and his recent research, “The Cost and Sustainability of Bitcoin”. Great overview of Bitcoin mining costs.

You can find the podcast by searching "Stephan Livera Podcast" on your podcast apps (e.g. Apple, Stitcher etc)

Enjoy and please share!

Our two part interview with Saifedean Ammous airs this week on Tuesday and Thursday. Get ready!

@stephanlivera @pierre_rochard You're pumping these quality podcasts out faster than I can listen to em.

Officially launched the Crypto Cast Network merch store! If you guys like what we are doing make sure to pick up a shirt :)

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