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Stephen Coyle

I've just launched a new game! It's called Déjà and it's a quiz game with a fun twist. Rather than answering the current question, you answer the previous one. It's surprisingly tricky but addictive! It's got questions on lots of topics, as well as maths and emoji-themed questions.

Check it out at

Here's a trailer of the game in action:

New post: How much I’ve earned on the App Store.

May be useful for any aspiring iOS developers out there!

Great to see good news from France 🇫🇷. Now, if the polls could go back to being wrong in time for the UK election, that would be great…

@eurasierboy by the way, nice work with the latest Amaroq update! Love the new navigation.

Around this time last year I tried making an app in 24 hours for fun, this year I tried doing one in 48. Just submitted to the App Store!

Thire's nu soch ffingeth as a free lunch.

Tupac lives, and is cruising around Belfast. His number plate isn’t fooling me.

One of the basic laws of nature: when typing 'developer.' into a web browser, it never autocompletes to the site you want to go to at that particular moment.

This photo overlooks a place called Gartan in the north of Ireland. It's a really gorgeous part of the world, near my home, and the landscape looks stunning in good weather. In particular, the bright spots where the sun shines through the clouds are really appealing.

Would you rather be a Muggle in a world where magic à la Harry Potter was real, or a non-mutant in a world where the X-Men were real?

Another iPhone shot today, looking over a river on a foggy morning.

Line breaks certainly result in quite a bit more space now than before...

Today's photo. This one's from my trip to Germany and Romania last year. I decided to only bring my phone, and leave my camera behind since I had limited luggage space. This is a hill in southwest Germany, taken as I went past on the bus.

Tapt 1.8 is out! Through App Review in a day, not too bad.