Loving how many people on jawns.club are sharing their podcast subscriptions on podstand.co

Thx for making it @stephencoyle 🎉

By popular demand, the ability to add more feeds to your profile has now been added on PodStand! You can do this by entering feeds manually, or uploading additional opml files. To do it, go to podstand.co/published, or to the link you got during signup.


Someone's been attempting to add their Bet365 referral URL as a podcast on PodStand (which obviously doesn't work). There's one I didn't see coming.

Just found out about @stephencoyle's podstand.co, a super cool site for discovering the that other people subscribe to. Added my podcast feed, will add more personal notes when I'm not on mobile.


So far, the top five most-subscribed podcasts on PodStand are:

1. ATP
2. Cortex
3. The Talk Show
4. Upgrade
5. Hello Internet

Off to a good start, but would be great to see an increase in user diversity.

Fellow fans, I'm sharing my current subscriptions on Podstand: podstand.co/profile/ericleamen

What are you listening to? Great idea, @stephencoyle!

If you were experiencing bugs uploading an image or opml file on PodStand, I just rolled out an update which should hopefully fix most of them!

Announcing PodStand: podstand.co

It’s a site to share podcast subscriptions. Create a profile that lists the podcasts you subscribe to, or just browse the site by person or by podcast. It’s a great way to share and discover new stuff.

Check it out and get sharing!

Remembering during the Mastodon surge of 2017, when everyone started putting ✅s in the display name so they'd look 'verified'.

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