I think I just realized that I've been trying to disable most of GNOME's innovations, and that what I actually want is XFCE...

Every single day, LinkedIn emails me and asks me if I know someone. It’s the same person. Every single day. I don’t know them.

Gitlab has a 'merge this branch after test suite succeeds' button and it is 💯 👌

Is there a German word for intending to learn just enough javascript so that you can get one thing working, only to get sucked into spending the next three days in the deepest of javascript deep ends and then you realize that you've forgotten everything that's not javascript?

Javascript seems to be good at going from "i understand how this works" to "i have no clue how this is working, at all" very quickly...

Herding some postgres cats with Ansible and Terraform today.

At the end of the day, I'm probably going to just full screen Emacs, a terminal, and a browser, so maybe it doesn't matter much at all? 🤔

I really like the workflow and aesthetic of tiling window managers, but I always find myself falling into the same productivity trap of writing programs to handle normal stuff like plugging and unplugging external monitors, automatically locking my display on suspend.

I can't help but feel that life is too short for my computer to require me to script all this stuff manually? Is there a tiling window manger that handles "DE" tasks like XFCE would, but does everything else like a tiler?

I realized that I wasn't going to be able to make it to a doctor's appointment in a few weeks, and called to re-schedule. The next available appointment was in 8 months!!

While I prefer mastodon's "advanced" interface, I do like the wider columns in the simple UI. Is there a way to widen the columns in the advanced UI?

You know GPG is great and easy to use because you can get 5 people in a room who all have experience with it, and none of them can tell you the best way to handle an expiring key. /sarcasm

I spun up an instance of miniflux.app/ for myself, and I'm super happy with it. No more feedly (or <insert your hosted RSS service with algorithmic feed sorting here>)!

Hard to believe it's been almost a year since my hike across England last summer. It was very much a fairy tale landscape.

Looks like Rails 6 /webpacker is going to make me have to re-learn everything I know about writing javascript and making it appear on pages within my app.

This type of change feels uncharacteristic for Rails, and avoiding stuff like this is why I use Rails in the first place 🤔

Webpacker seems great for including 3rd party libs, but it makes things much more complicated for my own scripts.

On , is it possible to view the local timeline of other instances? There’s several other than my own local timeline that I’d like to see! To clarify, I’m not looking for the federated timeline — I want to look at all the public posts on one specific instance.

I am quite enjoying the Chernobyl mini series.

I built my own S/MMS microblogging site and decided to write up a little about it: ai6ua.net/blog/2019/05/10/hell

Here is my mother’s new cat, Oliver. He’s a demanding sweetie, hopped up on the back of the couch to bonk my head with his and everything.

One friendly walleyed lynx-point Siamese (at least part-Siamese). A great addition to my extended family.

(Image descriptions aren’t working in my browser, unfortunately, but the photos are pictures of an affectionate cat)

#cats #mastocats

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