Don’t check your email before 8AM. Anything worth reading before 8 was probably not sent via email.

I think I have a faint Zoom gallery view semi-permanently burned into my laptop display.

Found this particularly interesting -- look peforms a binary search. If you're looking specifically for lines with a prefix in pre-sorted data, it'll perform much better than grep. Assuming you have the RAM to hold the file.

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Today in "Obscure Unix Utilities That I've Discovered By Accident", look(1):

“Hey I’m wondering if you can take a break from this critical incident to fix the CEO’s printer”

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If you have a job posting for senior DevOps or SREs that’s says something along the lines of “provide IT support throughout the organization”, I’m not touching that with a 10 foot pole.

knee deep in PHP, composer failing to resolve upgraded dependencies, and Drupal 9 upgrades and wait-- do people use drupal? People are okay with this?!

Trello: pay us money for a business class subscription, which allows you to enable the features you need. All the features you need are available from 3rd party services that you must subscribe to individually.

Anyone got any pros and cons on quitting computers to become a waffle chef? is a nice reminder that you don't have to have shipping tanker full of javascript to have a modern website.

I would welcome a fork of emacs that focused more on being a text editor, and less on having Tetris embedded in it.

The increase in turnaround time at the bike shop has made me take a greater interest in doing the more advanced maintenance on my bicycle.

The more I learn about bicycles, the less I want to work on computers...

Trying to get a javascript package which has c++ bindings built on OpenBSD has been difficult. Not because OpenBSD isn't capable of building it, but because the JS package manager can't be convinced to do things correctly.

The result is not that I want to use OpenBSD less, but that I want to use javascript a LOT less.

i can't accept your money, mr. krabs. grilling is my passion!

My 3 month old daughter smiles at me when I fetch her from her bassinet in the morning. This is the best way to start the day.

Days since discovering a critical deployment pipeline documented only in a crontab comment: 0

If you told me 5 years ago that I'd be using KDE today, I'd tell you that you were insane...

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