Looks like Rails 6 /webpacker is going to make me have to re-learn everything I know about writing javascript and making it appear on pages within my app.

This type of change feels uncharacteristic for Rails, and avoiding stuff like this is why I use Rails in the first place 🤔

Webpacker seems great for including 3rd party libs, but it makes things much more complicated for my own scripts.

On , is it possible to view the local timeline of other instances? There’s several other than my own local timeline that I’d like to see! To clarify, I’m not looking for the federated timeline — I want to look at all the public posts on one specific instance.

I am quite enjoying the Chernobyl mini series.

I built my own S/MMS microblogging site and decided to write up a little about it: ai6ua.net/blog/2019/05/10/hell

Here is my mother’s new cat, Oliver. He’s a demanding sweetie, hopped up on the back of the couch to bonk my head with his and everything.

One friendly walleyed lynx-point Siamese (at least part-Siamese). A great addition to my extended family.

(Image descriptions aren’t working in my browser, unfortunately, but the photos are pictures of an affectionate cat)

#cats #mastocats

I removed the clock from my window manager/DE, and I'm getting the odd feeling that this has positively impacted my productivity. Not 100% sure why, since I'm not usually glancing at the time constantly.

Last month, I switched to a physical notebook for note-taking and task management. Some observations:

- I no longer have to worry about syncing across devices
- I no longer have to worry about cross-platform app availability
- I am less distracted by the Internet when laying out tasks and taking notes
- My notebook does not have a hard drive that can fail, or a battery that runs out
- My handwriting is improving
- I feel a lot more productive when I cross something out with pen vs. clicking it

After being rather impressed with how solid OpenBSD's been on my router, I've decided to give FreeBSD a try on my laptop. Pretty happy with it so far... and unsure why I haven't really considered running it before!

The linux emulation layer interested me, which is why I opted to install FreeBSD rather than OpenBSD.

🚅 ☕ It's a race between the bottom of my cup of coffee and when I need to leave to catch the train.

As you can see, the Wells Fargo building is draining the life essences of other, lesser structures,

All this bad stuff from facebook comes at a time where I feel like it's more difficult than ever to get friends and family to communicate on anything other than facebook 🤔

I'm always pleasantly surprised at how great the docs are.

A DNS provider outage caused a fire drill this morning. A teammate and I worked through an entire mitigation, only to have the issue at our DNS provider resolve itself moments before we deployed the fix. Such is

I've become such a linux luser that I don't feel comfortable creating an account on bsd.network 😀 Should really get my home router project back up and running....

I like the idea of separate local and federated timelines. Figuring if I run a server for friends and family, I have a timeline that more closely represents my real life network.

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