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This is close enough to Transformers to bring to attention.
RT The Actor Who Played Robocop Is Now an Art Historian, and He’s Returning to Detroit With a New Mission: Renaissance Art


Please tell me somebody is working on AI to learn and preserve endangered languages and we're not just using it to tell Alexa to order more Tide Pods.

Fav Lyft ride so far: giant pickup truck playing Steely Dan's "Dirty Work."

RT Yes, I feel it, the power fills me. I feel the universe within me! I am a part of the cosmos! The power flows through me! This planet, these people, they are nothing to me!


This money should be going to veteran services, not an authoritarian parade.
RT : Trump's military parade to cost $80 million more than initial estimate: report


Not sure if it's worse to descend into authoritarianism under the thumb of a master manipulator or how we're clumsily doing it with Space Force Grand Moff Dum Dum.

RT Jeff Flake and John McCain could bring Trump's so-called presidency to a halt by simply caucusing with the Democrats.

Flip control of the Senate. No more laws passed. Don't vote for Kavanaugh. But they are all talk, no action.


Still making up for desserts I feel were unjustly denied me as a child.

Still making up for deserts I feel were unjustly denied me as a child.

Everything about this $39 suit that keeps showing up in my Instagram feed seems like a great idea and I'm 100% positive it's not at all made out of Fruit Roll-Ups.

RT I made an extension that changes "millennials" to "adults under 40" and it's really improved my twitter feed


RT Hey Jake! Reporter who spent all weekend wedged up against anti-fascists who probably didn’t want press there, but were pretty uniformly chill. You know who shoved media indiscriminately? Police.


If they wait long enough to make the next Indiana Jones movie it could also be a Blues Brothers prequel where they team up to retrieve a Catholic artifact and fight Illinois Nazis.

RT When Trump criticizes "all types of racism" he's using false equivalence to wink at those who peddle in the distortions of white grievance. It makes a mockery of our history and our present. It's not calming and unifying. it's provocative and divisive. And it's intentional.


That part where the printer randomly moves the printing head around for 73 hours after it finishes printing. Why?

RT Last year Nazis killed a woman with a car and then people spent the next 365 days writing editorials asking if we’re too mean to them


RT β€œSpace Force: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone in 3D”


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