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Who drank more: Mad Men or Battlestar Galactica reboot?

Three cable company trucks are parked in front of my building & the drivers have been standing on the sidewalk shooting the shit for the last hour & the suspense of WHEN they're going to accidentally shut off my internet is killing me.

It wasn't so long ago that it was impossible to call someone on the other side of the world a worthless garbage person in a global forum because they liked a comic book you didn't. Truly, we live in a miraculous age.

If you are even remotely excited about the in-store experience of Best Buy I assume you are being paid by them or have a head injury and are in need of immediate medical assistance.

PHONE: *fingerprint not recognized*

ME: Well, that's it for today, then. *pulls comforter over head*

RT The shadows cast by the forest of my mind can black out their world. Let our darkness spread, let our dreams manifest.


RT The rivers will flow with your blood, and the crows will sing your name as they build their winter nests with your hair, bones and teeth.


Hi, we can't prevent and don't care about losing all your personal data as long as we're making billions! Please pay us to put a camera in your home that will no doubt be immediately targeted by hackers!

Having The Doctor regenerate into a new form while remaining the same-but-different character is the greatest television production quick-fix-for-replacing-a-star-actor of all time.

RT Sadness surrounds my naked heart. Tears fill my eyes. I cry out in despairβ€”truth has never existed, and never will.


Hey I just tried to use you for the first time and your Advance Ticket CC # failed to buy ticket, but app won't let me cancel, app support button returns error, and you have no phone support. How to fix?

RT I'm the harvester of souls for the realm of Satan. Humanity begs at my feet.


Launching a Kickstarter for my Patreon to fund my Kickstarter so please PayPal my Venmo.

RT Earlier: it's 220 with and of! old AND new, , , much more!


RT 1. Kavanaugh's clearly on display anger and pain was quite confusing to millions of Americans. Many saw authenticity in his voice and thus in some way believed he is telling the truth. It is time for us to wake up to what aristocracy is. Aristocracy is a moral system.


RT You have been visited by Gordon Lightfoot the dog. RT to bless a timeline.


RT When you destroyed the One Ring and brought lasting peace to the realm


Turns out Todd and I have a LOT to say about Magnum P.I. - Please listen!
RT It's 220 with and! New ! Old (for the Canon)! Plus: , , and much more!


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