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Stephen J. Skelton

Yes, passive-aggressive email subject line, I do eat too much pizza for an adult my age. Thanks for letting me know.

Fine. Just leave the rest of us out of it, please.

RT Watch the head of ICE pause when asked by if the policy of separating children from their parents is humane.


Abolish ICE.
RT SCOOP: A fmr top CIA interrogator is training ICE's deportation agents in interrogation methods, documents show.

He was hired *3 days* after the Trump admin authorized its policy of separating undocumented families caught crossing the border.


RT Sen. Graham just admitted on CNN to Kate Bolduan that the goal of ripping terrified children from their desperate parents is deterrence. I’ve been saying all along that the plan is to commit sufficiently horrific atrocities to scare people away. This is state sponsored terrorism.


RT This is Otto Warmbier, an American college student jailed in North Korea for stealing a poster.

Here, he begs for forgiveness.

When Kim Jong Un returned 22-year-old Otto to the U.S., he was deaf, blind, and died within days.

Trump disgraces America & Otto with


RT how many more times can he say it before he figures it out


RT .@jack ur inconsistent standards 4 banning someone from this platform is in great need of reformation. 2 ban (David Simon) is a disgrace when accounts w targeted threats of discriminatory hatred r allowed 2 remain.
We wont let u silence him.
Simons words below
Pls RT

RT Hi if you think Kelly Marie Tran / Rose Tico's presence in Star Wars changed the franchise for the better, please RT so we can drown out the manbabies.

If you’re apathetic about voting I’m apathetic about taking your opinions seriously.
RT Column: "No offense, but I never vote." Stunning apathy in the heart of California's Trump resistance

RT I was barred entry. Asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisorβ€”he finally came out and said he can’t tell us anything. Police were called on us.

Children should never be ripped from their families & held in secretive detention centers. RT if you agree this is WRONG.

This is dictator-level bullshit. No one is above the law. It speaks volumes that the GOP hasn't united against the aggressive anti-democratic behavior of Republican president Trump. History will judge the entire party.

RT People who eat fried potatoes two or more times a week double their risk of an early death, a recent study found

Now THIS is how you write a clickbait headline!

RT β€œHorrible law” = not a law. It’s Trump administration policy that didn’t happen under Obama or Bush. POTUS has the power to reverse it and Democrats have been pushing him to.

RT A lovely reminder of how weird Hollywood is: Although one film is an infamous failure and the other spawned what is closing in on a six film franchise, I made more money from CATWOMAN residuals last year than I did from TRANSFORMERS.