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When Harold Pinter wrote to Tom Stoppard:

“I would rather die.”
~ Harold Pinter

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If you think David Koch was a good person because he gave money to the arts and other charitable causes, I have a bridge to steal from you, and I promise to donate a fraction of what I make from reselling it to the Foundation for the Bridgeless. twitter.com/secupp/status/1165

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Law & Order: Low Earth Orbit

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NASA astronaut accused of a crime committed in space. abcn.ws/326JUct

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Cinematography by Barry Sonnenfeld
Directed by Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Explore more shots in our database: ops.fyi/ShotsDB

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Once in a while, I get a notification from Ello that some rando bot loved my single post on Ello. It's adorable.

MTV* thread

* Millipede

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I added Aerosmith ft. Run DMC to this video of the shadow of a millipede walking and it has amused me more than it should have done.

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Whatever happens, don’t let anyone get away with saying the chaos, ineptitude, cruelty, and corruption of the Trump presidency were unknowable. All of it was entirely predictable, and indeed predicted by many.

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It feels relevant today to mention that Koch Industries was founded by David and Charles's father Fred specifically to serve as an oil refinery to the Third Reich, with personal approval from Hitler. Cool company history and a great way to make a fortune!

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(THREAD) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS (CNN): Convicted Kremlin agent Maria Butina's longtime boyfriend confirms that Don Jr. met secretly with Kremlin agents for an hour during the 2015 NRA Conference in Knoxville; Don Jr. therefore lied to Congress about collusion. Please RT and read on.

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It really doesn't matter how much of your riches you devote to philanthropy if you use the rest to actively try and destroy the Earth.

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Donald Trump, who inherited his wealth from his Daddy ordering the free market to obey him like a king on the day David Koch, who inherited his wealth from his Daddy and spent that fortune ruining the planet for everyone else, dies is perfect

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Accidentally brushed my new Apple Card against leather AND denim at once. Card burned through the floor and is currently burrowing towards the Earth’s core. We are doomed. I’m sorry.


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Mayhemic hordes led by an ancestral rage, we are demonic creatures pitted against lies and weakness. The time of tyranny and blood has arrived.

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Floorplan animatic for the blocking of the prime lens camera + dolly movement in this Spielberg 90-second continuous "ONER" shot.

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Luv -- and I mean LUV! -- how evangelicals have spent decades warning about the dangers of the anti-Christ and now fall in line with self-obsessed libertine who likes it when he's compared to the second coming of God. twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/st

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For 6 months, Sean Spicer served as White House Press Secretary to the most vile "president" in modern history. In that time, he repeatedly lied, obfuscated, and endorsed the badgering of a free press. He enabled hatred.

He belongs on a public blacklist, not in a waltz.

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I'm currently sitting in Los Angeles and I'm positive I can hear laughter coming from Denmark.

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