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Stephen J. Skelton

RT I'm old enough to remember when this Zuckerberg fella was dabbling with the idea that he might be ready to run for the US Presidency. Fact is, when in command of only a social media network, he helped burn the republic down to the waterline. Such a wunderkind.

Would this even be enforceable considering they’re public servants, not private employees? Also, this is corrupt AF. RT Trump has made federal employees sign non-disclosure agreements

"There's something here, that's what we're going to do." - Drunk guys singing Modern English

In a Lyft where the radio is playing a COVER of Guns N Roses "Patience." I am old.

Strange:(holds up a dog) Its inside this dog.
Thanos: (kills dog)ha, that was your plan?
Strange:Wait for it....
John Wick: Hey, have you guys seen my new dog?

RT Shoutout to Stormy Daniels for making “adult film star” a more respected job title than “president of the United States”.

I hope Thanos uses the Infinity Gauntlet to turn Hawkeye into Ryan Kwanten.

Really hope the Fortnite team is working on larger Battle Royale maps with multi-person vehicles you can use your building supplies to armor up.

RT Much like fired FBI Director James Comey, CNN has now learned there are memos former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wrote documenting his conversations with the President, among other things, according to a source with knowledge of the matter.

RT It would take just 2 GOP Senators to say, "We will put a check on this lawless and reckless administration by caucusing with the Democrats until the midterms." Failing that, their professions of dismay are meaningless. They are a rubber stamp for a criminal and a traitor.

RT Please remember: the man who fired McCabe for a single act of "lack of candor" not only was recused from all election-related cases and therefore *without authority* to issue that firing, but also *perjured himself multiple times before Congress*.

What's happening is *insane*.

RT Huge story. Facebook had a data breach which was used directly to influence 2016 election. Facebook knew but didn’t do anything until they knew this story was coming out. When people said “Facebook will ruin us” I didn’t think it would be this direct.

RT Your reminder that if Trump directly or indirectly fires Mueller—the man conducting a legitimate, authorized, and bipartisan investigation into the potential illegal activity of Trump himself—there’s a plan for national protest already in place:

RT So brave of you to take this stand for democracy at 9 PM eastern on a Friday night two years after the election. Thomas Jefferson salutes you.

What if Thanos is ultimately defeated by Tim Blake Nelson returning as The Leader who does a third act villain-to-hero turn? WAY better than more scenes with Hawkeye.

I don't for one second believe people are really asking "Where's Hawkeye?" about the Avengers Infinity War trailer.

RT Everything wrong with Fox News in one video

RT I refuse to joke about Vanessa Trump bc it's NEVER funny when a couple files for an uncontested quick divorce, one where assets can be swiftly transferred, on the same day an independent special counsel subpoenas their family business. People, this could happen to you someday.

RT It totally blows my mind that there are adults who are mad at students for peacefully assembling and simply asking the government to help stop them from being murdered at school