One more auth system that will give you nightmares...

This JavaScript code powers a 1,500 user intranet application.

The longer you look at it the more insane it gets.

hellloooooo if you run an instance (especially an unusual/joke instance) on mastodon, you should email me at gita.jackson at kotaku dot com. would love to ask you a few questions for a story.

The best is when you get so into a project you don't realise where time is going.

The sense of entitlement some people have to your time is astounding to me.

Had a lovely weekend celebrating pride, hanging out with awesome rainbow folk, dancing to gay af music sang by drag queens and then chilling the fuck out on Sunday πŸ˜„πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Yeah Amaroq definitely isn’t sending me notifications. Ughhh

Had a lovely weekend at my parents’ celebrating mum’s birthday. On my way back to Leicester now and looking forward to starting on a new 6 month project tomorrow 😊

What a week it’s been… But hey, I passed my theory test today and booked my driving test for a few weeks time πŸ˜„

Mastodon is cool but boy does the mobile experience stink.

Amaroq’s notifications are fucked and if missed things now 😟

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Is now a good time to once again milk this #Nintendo flowchart I made about which games belong on the Switch?

#videogames #gaming

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