i am earnestly baffled about why they make this choice. we’ve talked to them before, yet… here we are

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neighbor, who pays garage rent, is deciding to not use their garage space and block us in instead, again, this morning i see.

‪hey! i actually didn’t stall this time! 😮🤪‬

tfw you land a few months worth of work on master at once 👀

(reviewed & tested, of course)

when i visit forums, first of all, i never log in (don’t. ever. log. in.)

but then, i like to pick a topic that sounds interesting with a lot of pages, guess what the post was about, and jump to the last page and see how wildly the conversation has drifted

The fact that this stuff I'm working on works at all is amazing.

The fact that it seems to actually be working pretty well... is horrifying.

tfw you write yourself a nice little fish shell function w/ options parsing for some tools you use every day

The best laid plans can always be thwarted by (intentional or incidental) poor communication.

so a not small part of me really wants to learn how to drive stick and trade the volt for a miata or something…

on the one hand, if I’m gonna be stuck commuting i want it to be fun, damnit; but on the other, will that hour drive on 280 with a stick be “fun”?

(ok, yes, there’s 35 to 1 to 92 before i get on 280 after most of the traffic, and that coast and mountain pass is *gorgeous*, but it’s also like, 45mins longer)

legit want to see the motion analysis team’s fall lab.

i want the full anechoic chamber video treatment.

*slaps roof of series 4*

This baby can fit so much Siri volume in it

anyone have good recs for dot or cross grid notebooks in A6 size?


so, here’s a thing, and the only thing, i’ll say about TODAY, today:

experiencing troop transport vehicles parked outside your dorm building for a city ingress checkpoint, and fighter jets overhead in an otherwise no-fly zone isn’t something you just… “get over”

how you live through this shit, and not see that our current president is no aberration but simply a remarkably vulgar expression of the norm, i have no idea.

extreme stress and anxiety 

I am so stressed with, and feel so little support on, this project that I want to puke

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