Mastodon have upped their game with the native iOS client. For one, it’s actually works now.

The only issue I have now is with the HiDPI scaling. I did have this dialled in before but never wrote anything down so now I have to play again. Swings and roundabouts I suppose.

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I got fed up with the random logging appearing on my Debian KDE install last night. I ended up reinstalling Debian with cinnamon which now works great, mostly. But I managed to not destroy my home partition in the process which I'm even more happier about.

I have started using mastodon from the terminal and I think I prefer it.

Sure there is a few more processes but who doesn't like an extra process or two?

I manage to get this picture of a black stag and a white stag yesterday morning out on my walk.

That white stag I last saw 2 years ago, I was getting over Covid and my son was about to be born. It was missing an antler which looks like it’s growing back.

There were reports it had been poached so I was very happy when I saw the beast again and how much he’s grown.

It took my only 4 days but I managed to get nginx talking with Lychee. Must be some kind of record.

The documentation said it would be working in minutes….

I managed to invoke the strength of 10 hedgehogs and bend my chisel.

Just gave my server a little reset now it is refusing my connection.

Every time something breaks a little piece of me dies inside.

Afternoon spent at a Christmas market with my child who screamed for most of it.

Whoever told me I should cherish these moments can fuck off.

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I need to go to bed but can’t build up the energy to walk up the stairs…

*cracks another beer*

At what age do kids start putting there toys away because I am sure as shit that it's not at 20 months old.

This place looks like a bomb's hit it.

^ ^ ^

That was not the end. I have spent most the evening wrestling with multiple systems this evening.

I am top of it all again now though and solved a couple of little issues while I was at it.

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We are back in business and the misses isn’t home yet.

No one will ever know.

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It wouldn’t really matter usually but that particular VM was managing my house.

Now the misses is going to smell a rat.

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Tweaked my resources for one of my VM’s now it won’t start.


Especially since everyone else have got themselves in the position where the now expect me to do it so they don’t have to.

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