90% of the work in building an SPA is putting back in stuff that the browser would have given you for free if you just hadn't built an SPA

My response to “What is one thing people can do to make their website better?” on CSS-Tricks:


So they're 20k shy of their goal. All they need is 400 people to donate 50€+ each. Well, 399. Who's with me?

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It’s DevOpsDays #StandWithUkraine on May 17-18th.
Register for free to listen about #DevOps in crisis from world’s top experts (just take a look at our once-a-life-format lineup!) and donate to support #freedom in #Ukraine.

Сommunity, join us and share!

🐦🔗: twitter.com/devopsdays_kyiv/st

This is one for the people! A story in two pictures. After investigating strange flying creatures, the cat is tired out.

The Savoy Cafe, just around the corner from Shoreditch Town Hall. Really nice !

I've updated my set up for writing content in markdown using Visual Studio Code!

I added a text to speech tool that I use during the editing phase to detect errors with my ears.



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