I've joked before about bitcoin turbonerds wanting to fuck the blockchain, but I didn't expect to get this literal

Eating peanut-butter with a pen, because I'm too lazy to go downstairs and get a spoon.

Heads up, Windows 10 is going to claim 7GB of storage for future updates


Switch to Linux now! Alternatives do exist!

Look out for things like disroot, @switchingsocial and @elementary

I wrote about mine and Marizel's experiences building the hardware badge for BSides Lisbon on the new Raw Hex site: rawhex.com/blog/2019/01/03/the

#ActivityPub implementors please ping me if you have not been invited to the preparation discussion for the AP round table at #FOSDEM2019

boosts appreciated. Direct invitation from people already there most appreciated :)

i am somehow simultaneously every single one of these, and that is how pansexuality works

This cold (bug) is pissing me off no end. Needs to go nao.

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key@veltman@twitter.coming in shape faster is joining a gym you can't exit

After the screaming stops is the This is Spinal Tap of the 21st century.

First day back at work and I'm coughing up phlegm everywhere. Yuck.

More public transit and high speed rail

This is the trains agenda

found a legit incredible blog about obscure electronic games. beautifully observed write-ups of tons of games i've never encountered, such as this 1988 game by an afro-caribbean woman about subvertng and overthrowing a slave plantation:

Freedom: Rebels in the Darkness

or a 2500+ level puzzle game that is almost literally impossible to complete:


just great

Building a mining setup for grincoin. Looks like I have to use ubuntu for this, which makes me sad as I cant stand it.

Incidentally, most of the photos I post on pixelfed are up on Redbubble in case anyone wants a print. Feel free to print the pixelfed versions for yourself if you can't afford it, but please don't make money from them.

The Shard at Dusk redbubble.com/people/stevelord via @redbubble

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