Fit bits are just Tamagotchis for adults but turns out you're the blob you're trying to keep alive.

This wasn't my most powerful laptop, nor even the most expensive, but it's a laptop I truly loved and I'm going to miss it.

I'm selling off large chunks of my electronic life on ebay. UK delivery only - is it worth me posting links here or is that sort of thing frowned upon? I'd rather not flood mastodon with things people don't want to see.

I'm not sure live action pikachu has entirely crossed the uncanny valley

Installing XP sucks. No wonder we used Linux back then

Wasn’t allowed to ask the question so tweeted it instead (Twitter has its uses sometimes):

Facebook just presented a keynote titled Privacy at Facebook at #NordicPrivacyArena.

Here’s the question I would have asked if I had been allowed to: “Privacy at Facebook is an oxymoron; it is a contradiction of terms. Facebook’s business model is based on violating privacy…”

I don't like tooting my birdsite posts, but wanted to share this photo set on the horrors of this . Perhaps enjoy is the wrong word, but I hope you find it as moving as I have.

Was supposed to go to London for an event yesterday and today but chronic fatigue says no :(

The Victim—Not the Crazed Cop Who Choked Him at a Waffle House—Heads to Trial

The victim of a high-profile police brutality incident that happened outside of a Waffle House is now headed to trial—for being beaten by a cop.

The Victim—Not the Crazed Cop Who Choked Him at a Waffle House—Heads to Trial

Ok, looks like the dodgy foreign power adapter is at fault.

Hmmm... KVM seems to be flickering all lights at once, and is otherwise unresponsive.

The flat school walls have become pop-up galleries of sixth grade artists, whose work on the theme of "Kindness Matters" is a beautiful reminder of what is in all of our hearts. Using only image and design, and no words, the young artists worked to express kindness in the world. Viewing the art is a chance to breathe, to see beyond headlines of madness and violence. The art and hearts of children show us a way forward. (counterpoint to my this morning)

Today was supposed to be a quiet day, but it's definitely not quiet so far.

Next week at least I can sit down and start my ebay project. I'm selling almost everything I have.

Solution idea: Break up facebook and googel into parts. Burn the parts.

It's not in any regards a valid excuse.

Google and similar companies are bad actors. Yes they contribute to Linux and other oss but again it's not an excuse to accept there money.

I'm fine to pay my ticket not to whitewash google and co

I totally support Aral position.

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