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@stevelord It's only called "rich text" because a guy named richard designed it.

I am not making this up.

I've noticed a lot of people from started following me, and I've also noticed a lot of people there are mostly into similar things. I'm still working through my specist exceptionalism elements and aren't quite there yet (as much as I'd like to be) but it feels closer to home than

I was wondering when I'm over the meat element how feasible it would be to join the merry merveilles horde. I think we're all on board in principle, just not quite yet in execution.

Writing a Retro Zer0 manual. Half the challenge is finding out what other non-OCR'd documentation from the CP/M days has to say about *why* things are the way they are.

LEDs and 330 ohm resistors are at the office so i'll have to do them some other time. Lets see if this works!

Really no contest now. The conservatory pak choi (not shown) is barely sprouting. Need to set up full spectrum lights for round 3 this weekend.

Food choices, meat 

Last night Marizel and I realised we hadn't had steak in nearly a year. So we're going to continue to not have steak. A while back we decided to reduce the meat content in our diet. I was veggie for years but many South Africans tend towards meat heavy diets. We also decided we're only going to eat higher quality meat which is more expensive so there'll be less of that too.

I'll be presenting a short #emacs talk about my CHIP-8 emulation adventures this Sunday:

Oh no, some of the comercial internet is down. Won't someone think of the shareholders?

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