I probably shouldn't be doing work things this late on a friday, but fuck it, it's interesting work things and I don't feel like shit for the first time this week.

Looking for places to buy DRM-free e-books on this International Day Against DRM?

Here's 100+ bookshops that sell fantastic books without DRM.


Just checking out Usenet via eternal-september.org. Looks like a lot is dead. Any fellow tooters have any recommendations for usenet groups to join?

My throat feels like I've been deepthroating an endless stream of dicks wrapped in sandpaper condoms today, and not in a good way. Taking the morning off for a nice slow breakfast with my sweet baboo.

Ok all of the 44coin stuff is up now. Last challenge for 4k is muy hard but that's the point. I do like the rufinex.com front page though

Had problems with the CTF last week so we're extending the 44COIN element till end of Friday. Sign up at silverphish.net/ and start at 44co.in/ - still around US$9000 to be won in crypto.

Day 2 of training at . I'm broken already. Tomorrow is a long day... but totally worth it

Brochure came back. Quite happy with this ad for the BBS

Philosopher Richard Rorty Chillingly Predicts the Results of the 2016 Election … Back in 1998 openculture.com/?p=1027454 t.co/ukZa1Xig38

Fun fact: my wife no longer expects me to be available for any activities on Sunday mornings because of jazz Sunday Mornings in Sundogistan.

Take some time for yourself to listen to the music of your soul, regularly and religiously. It's self-care of the highest caliber.

Last minute checks to make sure I have everything, Marizel really graciously did car tetris with all the kit while I did the last minute tweaks to the forensics challenge and 44COIN firmware. Now I just need to get all the crypto wallets sorted and we're good to go.

This year's CTF is going to feature a load of crypto wallets. You steal the wallet, you keep the money. What could go wrong?

Spent this morning watching old-school BBS intros. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cartoons it aint!

Definitely in the totally drained stage of pre-con setup.

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