GitLab open sourced push mirroring and added it core. This is a great win for #decentralization!!! You can now run your own canonical GitLab instance & easily mirror to GitHub for findability.

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Another reason why GitLab is #1

#federation #fediverse #decentralize

@vickysteeves We installed as a test. It's a full featured free self hosted written in . It supports mirroring as well.
IMHO more people should take a look at Gogs as well.


@schaeferpp @vickysteeves Gogs and Gitea are both way more awesome than Gitlab IME. Gitlab replicates the functionality of Github, but if you don't need all of it, Gogs/Gitea is much lighter.

@stevelord @schaeferpp

GitLab's functionality has exceeded GitHub's by miles. When was the last time you looked at it?

That said, cool, a light version! I'll give it a look.

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