Trending hashtags legit had risks of abuse. But they're only a lens over toots that are already in the FTL, over which plenty of mod tools are available, and you could even make pre-screening necessary for trending. Instead the discussion became about how nobody really wants this feature and I'm just "pulling off wings from insects for fun".

I see some kinda discourse is still going and people are eager to misinterpret anything i say, but the feature got taken out before it got into any production release and could actually harm anyone.

And I'm frustrated because i think it could have done a lot of good too and there were ways to make it work that were not heard.

@Gargron would it have made sense for it to be a config option? If its instance specific then as long as it is something to be switched on I dont see a problem.

@stevelord Folks made a mess in exactly the thread about making it a configuration option so i don't think that would have done it.


@Gargron this is why we can't have nice things, I guess.

Might be worth taking a couple of days out to get a break. I can't imagine how stressful this must be.

@stevelord I know some people have it much worse out there and without a stream of supportative messages, it's stressful but I'm fine

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