YouTube is deleting videos and channels it deems containing instructional hacking vids. This obviously has chilling effects for confs and security youtubers.

I'm setting up a 44CON instance, hopefully later today but moving offices (yay hexchange day!) so it may take a while. If there are any security youtubers who want an account, reply here.

@stevelord Cool. Considering 44con seems to be a invite only/closed? event. What will be the policy for the peertube instance?

@stevelord Essentially any home computing channel can also be affected, I think. You know, because even Raspberry Pi and Arduino board can by extension also be used for hacking... 😆

@halcek ding ding ding, we got a winner. One youtuber got his channel pulled after posting a video about launching 4th of July fireworks over WiFi.

I stopped doing this years ago, since i did not like yt anymore but i would love to start doing videos again.

@stevelord how did you decide on that name? Does it have any specific meaning? 🙂

@RyuKurisu 44 is the uk diallling code, and 44CON is a uk security conference. The site is up at but is still in the process of importing our videos.

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