My prototype PCB arrived, I built it and it worked first time! I now have my own computer I built myself running CP/M 2.2! It runs spreadsheets, word processing, even games lile Zork! It's yesterday's technology, tomorrow!

I added an SD Card reader/writer and was off to the races! The board is based on a mix of different VGA boards by Fabrizio di Vittorio, Bitluni and others. The CP/M is based on Fabrizio's Altair 8800 emulator. I plan to do some work on a later revision

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Fabrizio's Terminal software is amazing but i'd like to port an IMSAI 8080 and provide physical support for modern devices. I wanted to use an SIO as a WiFi modem for example (hence the ESP32) and have I2c and SPI headers exposed along with another serial for printer/teletype access.

As well as CP/M it also runs a mean VIC 20 and a bunch of other software with a few tweaks. I have a working spectrum emulator but it's not quite full speed yet. Also no sound on this board.

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This is the 3rd step on the way to a device I call the . Check the hashtag if you want to see more!

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