@stevelord are you going to start writing in LaTeX and then exporting to HTML, Markdown, Gemini (which some* people pronounce gee-mine-ee (rhymes with hermione)), and so forth?

* I pronounced it that way once, just to try it on for size. It's a fun pronunciation.

@adam nah, I've been working on adding Gemini and Gopher support to Roman Zolotarev's SSG but it's just not working without dependencies so I may switch to Hugo ;)

@stevelord have you noticed Windows Defender thinks GemiNaut is ransomware? Have reported it safe, but it's having none of it on my machine

@korruptor that's weird, its not reporting it as so on my machine. Maybe I just have better malware on mine?

@stevelord it thinks it's bad enough to delete the file even when I say keep, which I can't say I've seen in a while. I've reported it safe to MS, at least.

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