@stevelord if this is about the, uh, ruby picture, i 100% agree

if it's about anything else, port it ;)

@dogstar it's the 9Rails on the inside of Auschwitz Berkenau pic.

I am now used to the FQA being frankly not worth the 1s and 0s it was written in, but the 9Rails pic in particular.

@stevelord yeah, that is like, really unacceptable. i totally agree.

there are a lot of other rough edges lying around, too, that i'm sure you will discover sooner or later. i am not sure if i have the cultural clout to change the 9rails image, but i would like to start a discussion about it

i know the source tree had mein kampf in it at one point, which got replaced by the communist manifesto. it is definitely all coming from a place of wanting to scare away users & not actual fascism i hope

@stevelord erase the "definitely" in the above because i am not definitely sure about that. but the advances made in the 9front code base are important to me, and the community around it (and ##9fans, especially @henesy) have helped me a lot in getting involved

speaking of, def tagging @henesy because i am curious if he has a take on this

@dogstar @stevelord I personally dislike the ww2 aesthetics and find things like the rails image and prior presence of mein kampf in poor taste

I don’t think 9front was ever home to fascists. I think someone was just trying to be edgy or snarky

Others have explained the aesthetic choices before and I don’t think it’s my place to make assertions, though

@stevelord not a dev or user, but what's surprising here?

@pal The fact that there's no real useful information in Appendix L is unsurprising, but the pic of the inside of Auschwitz-Berkenau concentration camp in the official documentation being used as a visual metaphor for Rails is somewhat disturbing to say the least.

@libc @stevelord Never forget when the 9front frontpage was a direct parody of the 4chan frontpage. The idea of Plan 9 and smaller software basically became a cult among imageboard users for letting them go hog wild with software elitism, and cat-v was virtually an overnight hit on /g/ posters.
@HarneyB @stevelord hot take: from my systems research hat plan 9 is shit anyways (as my friend says, like all pike output)

@stevelord is this not a reference to Zed Shaw's essay?

Zed Shaw, 2007: "Rails is a ghetto"

9front devs: Rails is worse than a ghetto; Rails is literally Auschwitz


@stevelord so Google's machine learning plays a role. I wouldn't doubt if the Auschwitz photo got into the search results in the first place by the "Rails is a ghetto" connection.

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