Still . These are now our main source of fresh veg while we're in lockdown. We still have plenty of preserved and frozen veg. We had a soil contamination incident on so we're sticking to microgreens for now till we can get new soil.

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This looks like alfalfa and something else?

How often do you cycle through a sprouted crop?

@paladin1 it's a mix of alfalfa, chickpeas, broccoli and others we get in fairly large packs. Sprouting jars normally run 5-7 days for sprouts or up to 10 for microgreens. Rinse the jar twice a day and tip up to drain excess water through some mesh.

That sounds really straightforward.

My wife and I have talked about sprouting microgreens but for some reason never got around to doing it. I'll have to bring it back up.

Where do you go to get your seeds?

@stevelord Very clean setup. I think these photos might have pushed my S/O over the top on giving this another try.

We did broccoli for a bit and the smell was... strong.

@peregrine the best way to deal with the smell is to grow cress. Once you've grown watercress you won't mind the smell of broccoli anymore because at least it's not watercress!

Also check your drainage - strong smells are normally a sign that something isn't drying properly.

@stevelord Ha! Watercress is an acquired taste anyways! These are good tips. We did do this during the hottest/most humid times of summer.

@stevelord @peregrine I find that when growing them at an angle, water is more likely to pool at the rim of the jar. I prefer to grow them vertically

@stevelord I like how you staggered them. 2 quarts of broccoli sprouts on my first try was tough to get through before they spoiled.

@gendor we used soil that had lived in the conservatory and there were some bug eggs in it. They hatched, hilarity ensued. We'll get new soil after using this batch up outside.

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