A brilliant kiwi comes up with an efficient engineering solution to the Queen's coffin queuing problem.

(These come from a reddit I'm not linking to to avoid Royalist brigading)

Of course this made me think of this iconic scene from the classic film, Shaun of The Dead:

@stevelord Where can I get that bagpipe cover of Don't Stop Me Now from? That's awesome!

@dheadshot I don't know, it's not my video and I don't know the original author, sorry.

@stevelord Man, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost movies 😂 For some reason my favorite is Hot Fuzz… maybe because of Timothy Dalton and Bill Bailey.

@Kensan what'd he say? Rrr-rrrrhrrrr-rrrrrh-rrrrrh-rrrrh-rrrr - love hot fuzz

@stevelord The chief inspector scene is *chef-kiss*. Martin Freeman, Steve Coogan *and* Bill Nighy. Half-expected Hugh Laurie, Ricky Gervaise or Stephen Fry to show up next!

Just remembered: also in the cast is Olivia Colman (!) and Stephen Merchant as PI Staker 😂

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