I really want off of Twitter but Mastodon is so scary and intimidating!

@z428 The UI is tough as is finding people. And the whole decentralized concept. I'm guessing I can interact with people on different servers but I wasn't sure!

@steven_ovadia Yes you can. 😉 Basically, to some point it's just about getting used to. Give it a few days ... 😉

@steven_ovadia Finding people - yes, that's a bit more difficult and something I'm also not completely happy about it. Decentralization comes at a price too...

@K_REY_C thanks! Tusky also seems like a more manageable way to handle things here. It already reminds me of early Twitter, though (in a good way!)

@steven_ovadia Agreed. Mastodon mostly feels like a warm hug after what much of the other platforms have turned into. It's not perfect--what is?--but it's manageable and fun. Lots of FLOSS people on here too.

@K_REY_C it's much nicer for now. actual conversations rather than pithy rejoinders

@steven_ovadia Yes. I have yet to see a heated argument on here (but there have been very nice discussions). Outright marketing is rare. Bots are mostly corralled (I have one in another instance: botsin.space/@dicewarebot )

It's been very refreshing here. I hope you enjoy!

@lightweight just trying to find people to follow. The fact that it's tough to search. different people on different instances but showing up in the same timeline. it's a lot to process!

@steven_ovadia yup, there's a bit of a cognitive burden associated with decentralised networks... the price of freedom :)

@lightweight also the price of civility! I've had more nicer conversations today than I have in the past 4 years on twitter

@steven_ovadia well, that's a pretty good recommendation! Pleased to hear it.

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