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man, what the fuck happened to 45, it's like ran out of magic beans. dude looks worse every day. what is he on? is he just stressed

'metro bunny' in the jackass tv show is a perfect skit

any video streaming website funded by ads suffers from the exact same problem as television: it's just as easy to open another tab as it is to change a channel


to the people surprised 45 supporters are committing extremely dumb voter fraud: when he gets on the stage and says the other side is doing that, he expects his fans to do it *because* the other side must be.

why don't open world games generate dynamic missions that end at your next destination

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oh, some 4chan trolls are having the time of their life right now. I don't know how many of them were in on it, but some of them knew. it's on tv, it's a subject of the election; their greatest yet

we could build everyone houses. we have the technology, and the expertise. building mass housing is something we figured out how to do a long time ago. capitalism is in the way. some nerds made up the concept of tokens for grain and now we all pretend like we can't.

Mario Kart Live but hacking your kart is allowed and encouraged, including hacking other karts while racing

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if you would like to see the look of sheer terror when someone is watching what might be the last moments of their life, watch Johnny Knoxville get annihilated by a bull in Jackass 2

let's replace war with competitive Jackass. opposing groups of adolescents daring each other to do stupid dares that are common in each other's culture


i'm not a fan but thank fuck biden is finally getting there re: criminal justice in america. this is actually a good answer


the cops were lying the whole time, of course, but one thing that really struck me about this story: the doctor did not cover for the cop, and their report called them out. even with armed assholes, they did their job and justice might be done because of it. incredible.

literal wild raccoons terrorizing the white house is a little too on the nose

a fish playing Pokemon on Twitch discovered a glitch that duplicates a boulder

"If you measure the unemployed as anybody over 16 years old who isn't earning a living wage, the [unemployment] rate rises ... to 54.6%."

i'm fairly confident there will never be a band as good as Against Me! in my opinion, ever again. it's a particular kind of good but it is exactly my shit, i will never tire of it

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On this day in 2011, an Obama-ordered drone strike killed 16 year-old American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, his teenage cousin, and 5 other civilians as they were eating at an outdoor cafe in Southern Yemen.

Elon Musk reportedly working on "majora's mask" technology, will allow the Pentagon to slam the moon into the earth

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