First stop tonight, the Homebrew Website Club, working on adding Micropub-powered photo posting to my website!

I came here to make websites but instead I'm fighting with TypeScript :(

Got super close to having photo post creation working but ran out of time. Should be able to finish it without much more work though.

How I created that post:
- I built and deployed my own Micropub endpoint with GitLab CI and Docker
- I logged into Indigenous for Android with my website via PGP in IndieAuth
- I created the post in Indigenous
- Indigenous found my Micropub endpoint on my site and sent it the post
- My custom Micropub endpoint cloned the repo, created the post text file and uploaded image, committed that, and pushed it
- My GitLab CI saw the change and rebuilt and deployed my website


Why all that complexity? There are three pieces to this - the Git repo of the website itself, the micropub endpoint, and the publishing app. I can change any of them and the system should still work. This will be most useful with other Micropub posting clients, none of which need to know how the publishing bit specific to my site works.

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