If news sites modified their "disable adblock for us" popup to add a "or make a 99 cent payment to read this article" option with Web Payments (and no signup), I'd probably pay.

iTunes beat piracy by making it stupidly easy to buy a song. If you do that to news, some subset of people will pay rather than just close the tab, which is what they do now. (And I'm guessing 66c after fees is well above ad-supported per-article ARPU on news sites now)

@stevestreza Neat idea, but I think 99 cents for a single article would be too steep for the vast majority of people.

@piraino @stevestreza Depends on the article. There are occasional WSJ articles, among others, that I’d pay that for specific access to.

@jwisser @stevestreza I kind of feel like people might be more likely to do a small transaction to subscribe to a specific columnist, or maybe a specific subject. Sure, many people might pay an occasional 99 cents for an individual article. But IMO it'd be kind of rare.

@piraino @stevestreza it is the year of luigi on the desktop 2018 and it has been ZERO days since I was last upset about what happened to Readability

@jwisser @piraino Readability needed 100x more users to ever have been viable, they made all the money, not publishers

@stevestreza @piraino Oh boy. I'm not really prepared to have this argument again, but as a person with a tiny readership who signed up for it and received checks, I feel comfortable saying that's not true.

@piraino Online ad rates are something like 50 cents per thousand impressions so if you got 1% to spend, you're doing better than having 10 ads on a single page.

@stevestreza The reader isn't directly paying that 50 cents per ad though. They can spend 99 cents on a song that they can (and will) listen to repeatedly, forever. I doubt they'll spend 99 cents on an article they'll read one time.

@piraino @stevestreza it's a shame that genuine micropayments still aren't really a thing. The credit cards/processors/etc all take too big of a cut for it to work.

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