HDMI is a horrorshow of broken standards. Nobody gets it right, not Apple, not Sony, not LG, not Nintendo.


Apple TV -> HDMI switch -> Sound bar -> TV

At some point in this chain, Dolby Vision glitches and restarts, disrupting whatever you're watching for a second. Or the screen flashes full of noise. Great

The issue ultimately ended up being the Apple TV. Fortunately a software update fixed it and now can pump out Dolby Vision and Atmos, as demonstrated by watching the opening of Baby Driver.

Still getting some occasional flickers when viewing non-HDR content in Netflix, which is not ideal.

@stevestreza My money is on the switch. Do you know if it's quality? I've heard not so great things about their construction and what features they support.

@chartier @stevestreza Yeah, HDMI switches are a fucking nightmare. I've owned three. Only one was any good. The symptoms sound like what I saw out of the bad ones.

@tewha @chartier That was my first hunch, but nope! 'twas the Apple TV in need of a software update.

@stevestreza @chartier Whaaaaat? For real?!? Wow. That's some fucked up software. :)

@stevestreza @chartier Oh! Newer versions of tvOS allow downscaling (as I'm sure you know), so it may be that the horror still occurs at full resolution. Something to try. :)

@tewha @chartier It was a straight out-of-the-box Apple TV 4K so they'll be forgiven for having a bug, doubly so for fixing it in patches. Also Atmos support works now too.

Definitely was the Apple TV, though. The 4K Blu-ray player didn't have any flickering issues with the same switch. (And really, a decent switch should basically just be a bitstream passthrough with some EDID juggling.) This is what I've got now: amzn.to/2pK4q18

@stevestreza @chartier Oh, good! My current switch is perfect, but I really want a second one for the other room. And I need more ports (I only have 3). Thanks. :)

@stevestreza Oh damn I’m having the same problem with my HDMI audio extractor, but Dolby Vision just straight-up doesn’t work or display as an option

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