I found where they put all the headphone jacks that were supposed to go on the iPad Pro

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Still getting used to this, but wow, is the Moog fun to fiddle with. So many fun weird sounds come out of it, and I've only barely started poking around the patch ports.

@stevestreza how is your modular madness coming along? Having fun?

@woolie This is so far the only module I have, so still baby-stepping into patching, but dang is this thing fun to fiddle with.

@stevestreza I remember my first Moog. I was like 19, and it was a mini Moog. I had so much fun. Back in those days, one would try to play Keith Emerson's solos or Rick Wakeman's solos for practice

@stevestreza Wait! Does that really have ramp/reverse sawtooth... or is that just how they drew the symbol? If the former, I suspect another mother[sbaugh] had an influence. He had his model D modified because of lack of reverse sawtooth (which he uses on Smart Patrol).

@tankgrrl You mean on the VCO wave switch? The manual just says "sawtooth".

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