They released Catherine on PC, so I guess I know what I'm doing tonight.

@failgunner Framerate is a little wonky, like the inputs/camera are only sampling at 30FPS. Seems fine otherwise, though.

@stevestreza my problem is mainly that they're advertising proudly "uncapped framerate" and "4k" when it isn't uncapped outside UI and some cutscenes. And 4K isn't native for most things. They're upscaling lol.

@failgunner The engine IS running an uncapped framerate (it's well over 100 FPS in all areas). Character animations are smooth when the camera is stationary. The problem is the camera, which seems to be stuck at 30 FPS, and makes everything feel like it's rendering at low fraemrate. Would guess this is fixable by modders, if not an official patch.

As for rendering, the engine is definitely rendering at native resolution, at least at 1440p. Might be some textures that aren't.

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