My desk is 7 years old and made it through 4 moves, but it's starting to fall apart, it can't handle monitor mounts, and isn't sit/stand. Time for an upgrade.

And the new desk has been setup. Cable management stuff coming tomorrow but this will do for now.

@stevestreza “that bamboo top looks familiar...” Yep same desk and yep it’s not move friendly (three in my case).

@brian Desks in general are either too small or not move friendly. 5' x 2.5' is my personal sweet spot.

@stevestreza Unrelated to the desk: do you watch TV while you program? Unless I’m doing something really simple/monotonous, I can’t do anything that needs more attention then listening to music

@shadowfacts A lot of the time yes, but it is almost always stuff I have seen a hundred times and can easily have in the background (The Office, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, 24, The West Wing, Bojack Horseman).

@stevestreza I’ve tried with shows I’ve watched loads of times, but even then, I find it hard to focus. Something about talking vs singing, maybe

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