I probably ought to put up an account for this app somewhere, huh. Probably get a real name for it too.

Fediverse doesn't have a great solution for self-hosted accounts as far as I can tell.

Initial pass at a notifications stream, inspired by the standard Mastodon web UI.

I created an account for my Mac fediverse app, which I'm now naming Macrocosm. You can find it here: @macrocosm

@stevestreza woah, I made it into your screenshot! 😁

Your client looks slick as hell, is there source code or a project page yet?

@sean Not right now, it's very much in the "hack on it when I have time/energy" phase, and my track record on actually shipping those things is not great 😅 I'm keeping it a hobby project for now and if it ever becomes real enough to share, then I can start thinking about that sort of thing.

@stevestreza well, either way, it looks awesome. If you'd like to promote it somewhere down the line, I'd be thrilled to write about it.

@stevestreza very nice. If you want some help I’d be interested.

@stevestreza how can I get a hold of this beautiful software? And where can I send the monies?

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