Goal for this weekend is to redo my Vim setup into Neovim, and then start adding some more of the IDE type features I would get with something like VSCode (autocomplete, file browsing, inline docs, task runners, debugging, tabs, fast search, etc).

I've tried Lunarvim, AstroNvim, SpaceVim, NvChad, and probably a couple others, but a prebuilt solution is hard to understand and debug. Going to start from scratch and copy from those projects where it makes sense.

Off to a good start with the Neovim setup. Tabs, file browser, fuzzy text search, quick opening files, language servers for Rust/Swift/TypeScript, and an integrated terminal.


Very glad I went the roll-your-own approach, as I was lost in the sea of Lua files all the distros give you. This is laser-focused on what I want out of a dev tool, rather than being a pile of things I might want in a dev tool.

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@stevestreza I was thinking about scrapping my config and redoing it at one point, but just switching Neovim even while keeping a giant pile of vimscript made it so much more pleasant to use that the prospect of redoing it lost its attraction
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