Coming soon to my new home server rack: the Norco RPC-4216. 16 hot swappable drive bays, two 5.25" bays, room for quiet 120mm fans. This will likely be a 5-10 year case with lots of expansion opportunity.

Working on a UINavigationController for Mac. Pure AppKit, no Marzipan, two finger swipe back on a trackpad, visual effect view blurring on the background.

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless earbuds. They sound really good. The "transparent audio" effect is freaky but very effective. The mobile app doesn't work so far.

Snow novelty has worn off again as we got 6 inches overnight. There's supposed to be a street there.

Messing around with Gtk+ app development today, I've got a JavaScript-based app making network calls with libsoup.

After not seeing snow for 8 years because San Francisco, we have our first Seattle snowfall and it's quite exciting here!

"Watching progress bars fill up" shouldn't be a game genre and yet here I am. The game is called Armory & Machine.

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