My Louqe Ghost is going to be delivered soon, so I'm kicking around some ideas for a small form factor living room PC. (Photo from JayzTwoCents on YouTube to show size)

Whee no code changes and (aside from the margin on the button) it's close enough

It's not perfect or HIG compatible but nobody but me will use it so that's fine. It's mostly going to be used on Android anyway.

Built my first modular synthesizer! Already looking at ways to expand it. I love modular systems.

JANET SAYS: Don't forget to CW your political tweets!

The Moog Mother-32 makes some delightfully strange noises.

Woke up to New Undertale this morning, it's a Halloween miracle

hit 1.0 so time to reroll my favorite scenario. The amusement club's space adventures don't go so well and now they've crash landed on an unfamiliar world.

The starting squad is the four main characters, with 12 more characters (and their relationships) programmed in to hopefully appear in caravans or raid parties later.

I found where they put all the headphone jacks that were supposed to go on the iPad Pro

on today's episode of Time To Get Into Another Weird Expensive Hobby, I ordered a Moog Mother-32

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She can finally come home. The 2018 Honda Clarity plug-in hybrid.

My other project tonight: wall mounting a Switch dock in the bedroom. Cable management stuff is coming but this works for now.

Synology surgery day. My DS1515+ got bit by the dead PSU bug but Synology sent a new one without me even asking.

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