My other project tonight: wall mounting a Switch dock in the bedroom. Cable management stuff is coming but this works for now.

Synology surgery day. My DS1515+ got bit by the dead PSU bug but Synology sent a new one without me even asking.

New base to green science in two hours, excellent

Test drove a Honda Clarity PHEV today. It's very nice and we will probably be buying it.

Handy trick I didn't realize when I bought the shelves (but seems obvious now): the shelves aren't flush with the wall, so you can route cables back there, like power for LED strip lighting.

It turns out Black Panther is a pretty great way to test 4K or HDR or really literally anything.

We are up and running and this screen is gorgeous.

I objectively don't know why Americans aren't super into soccer

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I think I'm ready to start working on shelves for my office, specifically those modular shelving systems that rely on hooking individual horizontal shelves onto vertical beams. Going to try this wall first, about 5 foot across and about 66" of vertical space. Leaning towards the Elfa system from the Container Store right now.

The Vita is still my favorite portable gaming device, and still has life if only for PS4 remote play.

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