So I'm building a super tiny 4K gaming PC for the living room, and the question is, do I get:
- the 9900K, which is the fastest gaming CPU today but is also stupidly expensive, OR
- the 2700X, which is cheaper, and while not as fast today, probably has a better roadmap for Ryzen v3

Spent some time working on my self-hosted website infrastructure tonight. Mostly on the back end, adding Next.js and React and Apollo so I can start putting some pages up for myself.

QubesOS, but for Android, so I can use Instagram without worrying that my phone is a mobile spyware dump for Facebook.

@haybuck It's not that I hate the game, but there are parts of how they approach palace design and how the three pillars of the game (cutscene storytelling, palaces/mementos exploration, and social interactions) don't really mesh together, which keep it from being in my GOAT list.

@shadow8t4 P4 was a PS2 game before it was a Vita game, but I agree. Still, I don't think an RPG has to be long to be good (NieR Automata is only 30 hours long and it's a masterpiece).

@haybuck You can totally disagree, and there are definitely great parts about it. But the story drags so much, and the palaces and their hundred-miles-apart save points are so frustrating and waste so much time.

Persona 5 is a mess of a game with good production values. I've played 70 hours of it and it continues to have basic fundamental frustrations of level design and time management that just aren't being fixed.

I'm growing less and less interested in games that don't respect your time. Persona 5's story has so much filler, and the dungeons are so time consuming. Was at about 30 hours to get to this point in Persona 4.

What's the deal with all the horror games on

IMMINENT SPACE: NASA InSight live stream has begun, Mars entry begins in about 40 minutes. Watch live:

I doubt I can build the iOS app without a GitLab CI runner on a Mac, alas. But I can work on getting some continuous deployment for getting built apps onto my phone now.

Oh wait, never mind, it wouldn't install over the debug version I already had on the phone. Everything works! \o/

GitLab can build the APK, both debug and a signed release build!

Doesn't run when installed on device, so that's not ideal, but it builds!

My brain jumped from "how do I build a React Native project into an Android APK" to "how do I do that with GitLab CI" to "can I have my own F-Droid repository for continuous deployment" to "how do I package F-Droid's Repomaker into a Docker image" oh no this is running off the rails quickly

My Louqe Ghost is going to be delivered soon, so I'm kicking around some ideas for a small form factor living room PC. (Photo from JayzTwoCents on YouTube to show size)

Whee no code changes and (aside from the margin on the button) it's close enough

It's not perfect or HIG compatible but nobody but me will use it so that's fine. It's mostly going to be used on Android anyway.

Building a little personal app for myself with React Native, so I don't have to bother with Android SDKs, and it's so much faster to just toss some stuff together.

Can't speak for making a First Class User Experience because that's not what I'm going for, but this is still way easier and faster than Java.

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