My other project tonight: wall mounting a Switch dock in the bedroom. Cable management stuff is coming but this works for now.

After replacing the drives (in the exact order) and swapping the extra RAM module over, the new system is up and running like nothing changed. Great work by Synology.

Synology surgery day. My DS1515+ got bit by the dead PSU bug but Synology sent a new one without me even asking.

New base to green science in two hours, excellent

IMMINENT SPACE: Atlas V rocket launch from @ulalaunch taking off in a few minutes. Watch live:

Looks like my Synology DS1515+ got bit by either the dead power supply bug or the dead Atom C2000 bug. Time to see how good/bad their support is.

Test drove a Honda Clarity PHEV today. It's very nice and we will probably be buying it.

very kind of windows to decide one day that my surround sound system is actually stereo

Handy trick I didn't realize when I bought the shelves (but seems obvious now): the shelves aren't flush with the wall, so you can route cables back there, like power for LED strip lighting.

@grantjbutler The wood shelves will be a mix of equipment storage and decorative figure displays. The top wire racks will be for big boxy things.

@emorydunn Cocoa bindings can become difficult to reason about and debug in complex situations but they are super cool as a concept.

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