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Every bad PC building experience I've had has come from a Gigabyte motherboard. Do not buy Gigabyte's motherboards. I am so tired.

Time to upgrade the living room. An LG C8, a 4K Blu-ray player, and a 4K Apple TV are coming on Tuesday.

The model I want is $500 cheaper than a comparable MacBook Pro. Before the sale Lenovo is doing right now, which takes off another $400. That gets the i7-8850H, a 1 TB NVMe SSD, and 32 GB of RAM. On top of a 4K HDR touch screen (I believe with pen support), a great keyboard with physical function keys, USB-A ports, and an SD card slot.

My finger is hovering over the buy button on the Thinkpad X1 Extreme. Waiting on a review to come in from Mobile Tech Review which was supposed to drop today. Gonna put a second M.2 SSD in there and have a fully dual boot Linux and Windows laptop.

Matchmaking in games is pretty much universally terrible unless you're highly ranked in whatever you're playing. There is no consistency at all in any game.

Don't know if anyone remembers but I spent part of the last couple days upgrading it to Node 10 (from, uh, 0.10) and Dockerizing it. Soon I'll be able to move it to a different server and shut down its existing server, saving $10/month I didn't realize I was still paying.

Like, listen to this.

There's so much going on, and that's part of the aesthetic. Its perfect rhythm and ever-changing soundscape are hypnotic. This jam is a hybrid of human and machine; it has the signature sound of synthesizers and electronic music, while being ephemeral and irreproducible. He'll never get all of those dials and timers and sequencers in that state again. This performance can't be duplicated.

In today's episode of "I Saw A Thing On YouTube, Watched 19 Hours Of Videos About It, And Now I Need One": Modular synths.

It's a shame that Star Wars The Old Republic ended up as bland in combat as it did. The writing is great. It's fun to play solo.

Sick status: Not sick anymore, except sometimes I sneeze and a giant glob of sludge erupts out of my nose and all over anything in a 2 foot radius



The downside to modular shelving systems is that they aren't cheap. The frame alone will cost about $75, and the shelves are going to probably cost another $600. But they're a reusable lifetime buy.

I think I'm ready to start working on shelves for my office, specifically those modular shelving systems that rely on hooking individual horizontal shelves onto vertical beams. Going to try this wall first, about 5 foot across and about 66" of vertical space. Leaning towards the Elfa system from the Container Store right now.

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