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Met so many people also struggling to learn French here. In case this helps any of you, I compiled and categorized the best resources I've found so far.

#language #languagelearning #languages


While we’re on the subject, here’s a scoop: though I haven’t talked about it publicly, THE KILLING KIND was optioned ages ago, and is currently in preproduction. Adam Siegel, Ken Kao, and Ryan Gosling (yes, that Ryan Gosling) are producing. Ben Foster is expected to star.

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A few minutes of beautiful lunacy from Bukowski. He’s not a guy I agree with all the time, but he’s often a fun interview.

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Mastodon has a verification mechanism, though it looks different from Twitter's. We do not ask for your documents. Instead, if you have a website that you are known by, you can verify that you are the owner of that website.

Link to your Mastodon profile from the website, either through a visible link, or through a <link> tag in the head of the document, with a rel=me attribute, and link back to that page from your Mastodon profile. It should then get a green checkmark, like @Mastodon.

The new Peter Farris is so good I accidentally bought TWO copies.

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Great time to take a walk in the neighborhood is after school's out on a clear day. The avenues resound with music practice. Fewer tubas than when I lived in New Orleans, but still a great sense of dispersed communal activity — separate but together, practicing alone as a group.

Every book I've read from this @lfarnsworth list has been great. If you're looking for your next read, check it out:

“I envisioned CHILD ZERO as an homage to the high-concept thrillers of Michael Crichton, but the fact is, you could probably say the same of my career,” he says. “Crichton, for all his faults, was a fearless writer who followed his muse wherever it led and trusted that his audience would follow. I aspire to do the same.”

one of my favorite ever ---->>

A surreal, provocative fable about the power of memory and the trauma of loss, The Memory Police is a stunning new work from one of the most exciting contemporary authors writing in any language.


The Final Revival of Opal & Nev has been on my TBR list for a while. Did you enjoy that one?

*INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER* New York Times Notable Book • NPR’s Best Books of 2021 • Washington Post’s Best Thriller and Mystery Books of the Year • TIME Magazine’s 100 Must-Read Books of 2021 • New York Public Library’s Best Books of the Year • Goodreads Choice Award Nominee • Book of the Month’s Book of the Year Finalist
“Provocative, violent — beautiful and moving, too.” —Washington Post

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