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So, now we’ve got started let’s sort some out.

I’m a hobby photographer that likes getting really close to bugs.

I work in education, where I get to play with lots of fun toys including 3D printers and laser cutters.

Happy Tooting all!

It's been a while since I last popped in here, so let's fix that. Mia asked I share some photos of her again, but all she'd show me was her foot.

And now to decide which of these pot variations I like the most to use for pens!

Spent a few days over Easter designing some plant pots, now everything matches!

Desk tidies!

Been having lots of fun designing items to print. Making a real effort to use my home printer to print things of my own design, rather than just endless streams of stuff from the internet.

This 1mm nozzle is pretty great too.

The aluminium bed on the CR-10S Pro was pretty warped, to the point even with mesh levelling I’ve been having problems with large prints.

Replaced it with a glass bed today, looking much better!

Keeping an eye on long prints at home, while surrounded by 3D printers at work.

What a time to be alive.

They say you shouldn’t bring your work home, but I just couldn’t help myself. Finally got a 3D printer for home again, after going a few years without.

Creality CR-10S Pro.

Thinking about making another photography related video.

The last one was fun to do, even if the end result had a very “I have no idea what I’m doing” vibe to it.

No interest in making gear related videos though, want to focus on just the journey of getting the photos for now.

I asked Mia if she would like to model for , but she was too busy pulling funny faces.

Mia says hello! Wonders if you have any tasty fruit or maybe a cricket she can munch on.

Thinking about bringing my camera into work, so I can walk around town with it on my lunch break.

Definitely missed getting out with the camera the past couple of months.

Different angle tonight. I’m not really confident in my editing of these flower photos, still trying to find exactly the look I’m after.

Well I didn't end up sketching, but the tulips on my desk did open up.

I'd tried taking some pictures of these at the weekend, but wasn't inspired by any of the photos.

Now I can see inside them though it's a different matter. Quite different from my normal insect subject matter, I can play around more with lights and colours with flowers.

For #molluskmonday, giant African snails! They are a determined invader worldwide, decimating crops and native plants and spreading parasites. Even in the dry country of Israel they colonize areas where they can take advantage of irrigation. These were captured at a kibbutz. They are banned from import but some still sneak in via the illegal pet trade or on other goods. One woman reported they were munching the walls of her house as a source of food/calcium!

Now I’ve got a bracket and cord I’m ready to go find some bugs again! Haven’t been out for a bit too long.

First rise didn’t look great, but looking much better after the second rise. Now to the oven!

Making bread! Last time I did this was many years ago... and that might have been in a machine. 🍞

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