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So, now we’ve got started let’s sort some out.

I’m a hobby photographer that likes getting really close to bugs.

I work in education, where I get to play with lots of fun toys including 3D printers and laser cutters.

Happy Tooting all!

Moving to a larger place soon. I’ve got a box of vinyl records that are coming with me, and would have enough space for a record player again.. 🤔

Someone covered the wall outside my office with flowers. A much needed splash of colour!

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Aren’t computers great, letting us constantly spy on where people are, what they are doing.

At work, while knowing a delivery is expected at home today.

Will housemates be in? Will I get home on time? Tune in later to find out!

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The only mainline pokemon game I’ve played a good amount of: Blue, when it first came out and I was in primary school.

The only pokemon in Let’s Go: gen 1.

Might have some chance of actually recognising some of them! Anything past those original 151 I basically have no idea of.

Here is said friend actually knowing what they are doing, unlike me!

My friend is a landscape photographer, and they invited me out early this morning to catch the sun rise.

Pretty fun giving landscape a go, although I don’t have any filters or such to help with the giant ball of fire in the sky!

Once the spiders have settled in a bit I’ll grt out the proper camera and get some nice photos of them.

Two new spider homes all ready to go!

Quite the upgrade from the old tubs.

A few days later than planned, but I’ve just put the cork bark in the oven.

That can only mean it’s spider rehousing day! 🕷

Some plastic tubs arrived today, which means advance warning: There will be spider pictures tomorrow when I rehouse a couple of them. 🕷

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