a lot of ugliness happening on birdsite right now so I'm gonna be staying away for a bit

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is also another wonderful show that I feel just wasn't written with a long-term plan in mind. It could have easily been the next SPN.

Joe Swanberg's 'Easy' came close to fulfilling this longing in me, but then he threw in the towel after three seasons. I would have happily watched installments of the brewery brothers till kingdom come.

If anyone has thoughts on this, let's chat! I've run out of examples.

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I tend to watch a lot of shows, but I realised I don't always remember all of them. Once in a while I'll get into a discussion with someone who'll bring up a show I completely forgot I had watched. I try extending their life spans for myself by writing about them, reading about them, but when there's no lore there's no incentive to dwell in that show. So it just fades into the background.

For example, Maniac (Jonah Hill) had such a promising premise. IMO they ruined it by making it limited.

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Hi, here's a half-baked thought: I've been noticing the growing popularity of the limited series format. It's cool and convenient for binge watching purposes. But I miss the world building that would go into shows that spanned years, almost decades.

For shows as of late I feel every season is built to be self-contained, because there's rarely if ever any guarantee of being renewed for another season, because of all the competition.

today i auditioned a very old man who was very hopeful that we would cast him in our commercial and my heart broke for him a little bit

imagine having a healthy relationship with social media! i could never. just made an instagram account and i already feel extremely uncomfortable with all those people seeing my profile picture.

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okay so my biggest problem with Mastodon is that I don't follow enough people for my feed to be engaging, and I can't find new people because my local timeline is full of people speaking in different languages. does anyone have a solution to this?

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In which corner of fediverse is the shitposting going on, I need to see that my timeline. This medium is lacking without quality shitposting and memes.

after having three horrible experiences in public transport in as many weeks one does begin to wonder if they're just a magnet for awful people

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FOMO is great, but if you haven't tried real MO you're missing out

the new harry styles single has confirmed to me that that man is cinema

the DA whom i've been working with for the past week won't be with us for the remainder of the project but she told our producer today and she's ok with leaving it in my hands because I'm doing a "kick-ass job" yes that's a DIRECT QUOTE i am. happy

nothing ruined my childhood more than finding out that Christopher Plummer who plays Captain Von Trapp in the Sound of Music never wanted to be in the film and hated being associated with it after it was done. :(

I think I'm gonna be finished with Bad Blood by tonight. does anyone have any reccos for what I could tackle next? I'm looking for recommendations.

On my list right now are 'I'll Be Gone In the Dark' (Michelle McNamara) and 'Steve Jobs' (Walter Isaacson)

i can never manage to get excited for new music. probably the only time i've ever actually listened to music at the exact time of its release was when harry styles dropped sign of the times on the BBC radio 1 breakfast show in 2017. otherwise i take months to get around to listening to new music, mostly because i hate bringing expectations to the table

PSA don't ever discuss politics with me ever ever ever ok thank you

aaj shayad marine drive jaakar emo thoughts sochenge. stay tuned for further updates

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