Bay Area: Calls for Mass Hotel Pickets and to Block Scabs

Grant Will Improve Conservation on Native American Grazing Lands

first he tells them not to masturbate then he orders them to attack and then he commands them to turn themselves in to the cops. why exactly do people join the ?

Proud Boy Arrested In New York ‘Advanced In Rank’ After Attacking Muslim Woman in 2017

TIA #36: The White Nationalist Kicking Black People Off Rolls

Mexico: Anarchist Political Prisoner Miguel Peralta Begins Hunger Strike

International Days of Action: For a World without Pogroms, for a Future without Fascism

Breaking: Appeal Court Quashes “Manifestly Excessive” Jail Sentences for Fracking Protest

Anti-Fascism and the Carceral State feat. Lorenzo Ervin and JoNina Abron-Ervin

Right Wing Death Squad: The Ticking-Time Bomb of Trumpism

Northern Minnesota: More Prayer Lodges Erected in the Path of Line 3 Pipeline

Give Us All Your Money : Or, Better, All of Someone Else's

“The Past of Trumpism is the Past of America”: With Tom Nomad

Rose City Antifa Statement Against the Proposed City Ordinance

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