: At least 12 military police involved in deportation violence against Sudanese refugee Ezzedine Mehimmid dlvr.it/Qwr9Vx t.co/zznmOXh8Dz

: The Arauco Malleco Coordinator of Communities (CAM) takes Responsibility for Four Acts of Sabotage Against the Forest Industry dlvr.it/Qwr9Px t.co/1SjHrL7LCF

Petrit Zifle, murdered by Golden Dawn member: Smash Fascism and the system that brought it to life! dlvr.it/QwlzlF

The ’ Dignified Rage: Revolutionary Theories and Anticapitalist Dreams of Subcomandante Marcos dlvr.it/QwlzjP

: Campaigners to argue that IGas Ellesmere Port gas test is a risk to public health dlvr.it/QwgtHl

: Appeal to all activists and demonstrators who were affected by police violence during treehouse evictions during the last 6 years!!! dlvr.it/QwgtCN

Words of the ’s CCRI-CG to the Zapatista Peoples on the 25th Anniversary of the Beginning of the War Against Oblivion dlvr.it/Qwc0nZ

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