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Minneapolis, MN: Graffiti for Fallen Comrade Toor

Phone and Email Zap to Support Prisoner Resistance in Missouri

Another Tree-Sit Goes Up Against the Mountain Valley Pipeline

UK: Pont Valley Opencast Mine Protectors Report Aggressive Police Tactics

Update from the Nicaraguan Insurrection : Horizontal Organizing vs. Left Neoliberalism and the Pitfalls of Nationalism

Start your week with some great fuckin news from the front as nazis & the feel the burn of a blitz of attacks online and IRL

New Merch!! For a Limited Time, Buy the Newest Earth First! Patch and Support the Journal’s Fundraising Drive

Anti-construction Crew Releases Thousands of Crickets into Immigration Prison Architecture Headquarters via

Banner Dropped in NYC in Solidarity with the J20 Defendants

Live International Anarchist Radio Broadcast

Lo que los anarquistas han estado diciendo durante años, y que los liberales deben comenzar a escuchar

I’m an Environmental Journalist, but I Never Write About Overpopulation. Here’s Why.

Germany: Call to Action For the Hambacher Forest!

Colombia: Dam Disaster Displaces Tens of Thousands

“A Sea of Red”: In the Midst of a Worker Rebellion

From Heroin to Hitler: Matthew Brien Stafford, an American Nazi