I can't work because a fly is in my office and it keeps bothering me. 💢

PSA: test your CO sensor/get one if you don't have one. It just saved mine and my husband's life tonight.

Saw my first wild black widow spider...in my own backyard. Thankful that I had a flashlight and actually saw it instead of the worst case scenario...

Instructions: this will take approx. 20 min
After a 30 min podcast: I'm maybe half way done.

My "normal" is walking around with a parrot perched on my head.

Amazon sent me someone else's printer ink a while back and told me to keep it...so I made DIY alcohol inks!

Except now DST messed it up because it gets dark too late now!

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The bird came back. And took the rat with it! Good! (Is there a bird between the size of a crow and raven?)

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Crow pecked at the rat for a few minutes and flew away. Did not take the rat with it. The chickens were like wtf.

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I'm at my desk and I look out my window expecting the movement to be one of the chickens. No. It's a crow/raven eating a dead rat. Cool...

No joke, I spent 20 hours this week in meetings. Half my work time was meetings.

Today marks one year of WFH due to Covid. I had heard of Covid in Jan 2020 when it first made it's way to the States. March 10, 2020 is when it finally felt real.

Realizing today that my parents let me go to concerts without their supervision at age 15...

Why did I save so many images of Good Charlotte and other bands to my computer from random internet searches in the 2000s?

Initial pass: 260 contacts down to 95. Can probably delete at least half more because do these people even still have the same phone number 10+ years later?

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Organizing my phone contacts and find "Random Guy at Gas Station". There's not a full number. My best guess is this was literally a random guy at a gas station that I pretended to take down his number so he would leave me alone.

My parrot doesn't really squawk, but she does make noises that sound like: honks, an air horn, a trilling alarm, and a whistling firework.

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