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The best thing from the pandemic was discovering Tico and Frank. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

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Posts on Mastodon, also known as Toots, have a privacy setting.

You can change a toot's privacy while writing it by clicking on the privacy icon. Depending on what the setting is, and depending on how you access Mastodon, privacy will look like a globe 🌐 🌎 or a lock 🔒 or a group 👥 or an envelope ✉️ or an @ sign.

Pick the privacy you want before you publish a toot, as you can't alter it later (unless you delete the toot).

You can also choose a default privacy setting in your account settings. New toots will automatically use the default privacy unless you change it.

On the website, go to Preferences > Other > Posting Privacy, choose the default privacy you want and press "Save Changes".

On the official app, go to ⚙️ Settings > The Boring Zone > Account Settings and then log into the website.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Privacy

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@lrhodes after reading a bit of the specs, I can say that #Bluesky looks a lot like #ActivityPub, but with a "consortium" (that, I guess, will be at least initially headed by Twitter itself) that owns a sophisticated network of content filtering (through crawling, aggregation, moderation and ranking) that will make it nearly impossible for small instances to show up in a federated timeline.

The architecture document doesn't go much in detail to explain how such consortium would operate, but some of the phrases (append-only ledger of document IDs, votes/stakes etc.) remind me some of the things I read on this old article:

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New STLduJournal just dropped. No tech news because a bad feed rotted my folder and had to be excised.

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Big Day in TGE. Yard AND Plant Sale. I also added the Neighborhood Association link to the Neighborhood page.

Using Mastodon on the Vivaldi browser for the built-in translation. This is good for my rusty German, tho.

Gods help me, I keep leaning towards spinning up my own Mastodon instance...

Ha, my German was good enough to read that Tusky was importing local/federated tls again. :catjam:

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if you were wondering what happens when (doesn't allow the letter E) meets (only allows the letter E):

STLduJournal is a semi-multi-daily linkblog of all the news stories I found relevant to my interests. Mostly focused on STL, but I throw in some tech, DIY, etc.

Sharing from NetNewsWire to Mastonaut. Doesn’t look like the LOC tweet is referenced, tho.


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