Okay let's tell my followers a true story that happened to me last wednesday in Paris when I went (And I swear this is the last time I go there) to the monthly Bitcoin and Crypto-Currencies enthousiasts of Paris.

One of my ex- hacker friend, who pretends himself being crypto-anarchist, while he is indeed a crypto-libertarian, supporting the so called "crypto-anarchist institute" which in indeed a crypto-libertarian mafia driven institute, he told me the following :


@stman decentralized stuff, like mastodon, being a decentralized federation of small centralized servers, of fully decentralized P2P overlay TCP/IP stuff like Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, or even YaCy, but in the end, the world is not changing the way we hoped, GAFAM are still there, NSA is still dolinating the current cyberspace, we still have mass surveillance, and powerfull criminals or state cyber agencies like NSA can still control everything, inc'uding breaking Tor anonymity.

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