@stman I understand. I was boosting @zig post for visibility since I think it's important to hear different angles on the topic.

yes, we need a decentralized economic system to support the decentralized information system development and stewardship. to the extent possible, these should be designed together.

I sent you a DM earlier about definitions. Lemme know and we can iterate on some things.


/cc @emsenn


@theruran @zig@functional.cafe

kind of smart crypto-fascism, with cyber-imperialism. The crypto-libertarian scene being mainly composed of these too big families.

From here, I have been able to refine my studies to caracterize what would lead, architecturaly, in all known technological layers, to reach true forms of crypto-anarchism.

The end results of this quest were very surprizing. I was the first both surprized, but also disapointed at first sight,


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