Lucky to talk to Ania Piotrowska from Nym as part of my #WeDontSteam #Podcast

Nym promises to be the 'better than #Tor' anonymous network - a bold claim but one she says they don't make lightly. #SurveillanceCapitalism #privacy

@stman what about printing the messages on paper? or passing thru a transformer that displays an easily verifiable artifact?

unused bits as indicated in specs must either be formally-verified to ensure against their use or removed altogether - possibly making for awkward packing or inefficient representation.

@stman I think what you want is to transmit Abstract Syntax Trees, i.e. executable programs. They are only serialized when present in the transmission cables. There are even cryptographic ways for the sender to ensure the program is executed properly. The program's environment is encapsulated or can be swapped with a trusted environment more safely than the joke that are sandboxes today.

It's kinda like sending the image decoder with the image data and metadata. Except these programs can be a lot simpler and more standardized than they are today. We essentially know the breadth of common use cases and can design for that.


@theruran It is clear that the concept of Abstract Syntax Trees is the closest from what I am trying to extract from my visions. But it is still a concept formulated in the current digital systems paradigm.

In this regard, I am trying to improve it by trying to generalize it better, by reworking underlying concepts or fundamental concepts it relies on. I think we must stay in a concept fuzzing and merging state of mind. But we are on the right path anyway.

Remember what I used to

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