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Just went to Lowe's to check on prices for a garage door and lumber. Going to build a garage door. Yeap, definitely need a garage door.

I wonder if there are any good instances that are blocked by this one?

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I simulated data. I fit a model to the data. The model does not return the parameters used to simulate the data. 💔

I'm info from a search engine, and according to it, there will be 592 pages of results. Hope they don't mind me taking a peek at all 592 pages. :)

I need a Guinness , it's been a long while.

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Just switched from google as a default search engine for all my browsers to duckduckgo. #fuckoffgoogle

is looking pretty good. Now that PySide is officially supported by , I expect it to be better than , especially regarding documentation.

Nice little spice organizer my wife setup. 6 different kinds of curry powder, all labeled.

Time to see what sort of bits I can scrape up.

Litecoin, you are disappointing me.