@EndeavourOS Thanks for EndeavourOS, it is a much needed thing. For the record, I hate cinchi and had to hack the crap out of it to do offline installs. Please always keep an offline install option. :) :)

@BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks Bryan, I'll keep riding the wooly bird eater if you do :) Did you forget about this one on your list? lol

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The free market is the ultimate equalizer: it does not care if you grew up poor, the color of your skin, or by what name you call God.

Kids got some Play-Doh. Have to admit, it tastes the same as it did when I was a kid.

Just got an Acer Predator 17. Not sure if I can stand the mouse :(. Build quality is quite good. Updating my Ansible playbook for my Arch install. Can't wait to get fully migrated.

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omg the Chinese characters for 'Ping Pong':

乒 ping
乓 pang

that is a thing of beauty

@BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks In fact, I am now one of your patreons.

@BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks I'm Jewish too. Sorry to hear about all of the attacks, I had no idea. I've got your back achi.

One of the best purchases out there right now. Only ingredient is carrots.

@BryanLunduke@mastodon.rocks Bryan, I was on a hill, cattle prod in hand, about to scarifice my 6 year old laptop to the great GNU. There it sat looking at me with that terrible veiwing angle of an eye, and your show came on, and I snapped out of my SSL tunnel vision. You saved my laptops life. Thought you should know.

Checking out Gab.ai. No one sees your post unless they are following you? How does that make any sense. There is no feed of recent posts . I do like the flavor of the posts more than here , except for all the Nazi shit.

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What US Congress would have done if the people there weren't bribed by #facebook and nontechnical. #zuckerberg says he doesn't know what shadow profiles are. Tell him, "sure you know! Come on! Let me explain in terms everyone understands, citing the class action lawsuit over this..."
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